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How to Get a Competitive Edge Online with SEO

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    SEO isn’t just about bringing in new potential customers. While that’s a very big role of this form of online marketing, SEO also means that those customers will come to your business instead of a competitor. Failing to gather and analyze competitive data on a regular basis means that an Omaha business is going to miss out on opportunities to enhance their SEO efforts.

    Since Big Red SEO utilizes competition data when we formulate and execute strategies, we want to share some of the ways you can properly gather this data. And just as importantly, we’ll go over how you can put the data to use once you have it.

    How to Use Keyword Data from Competitors

    Although Google has made it more difficult to gather and analyze keyword data, that doesn’t mean keywords should be ignored. Because the core function of Google is to return search results based on words that people type into this search engine, it’s easy to understand why knowing as much about those words as possible is very helpful.

    When it comes to analyzing keyword data from competitors, there are three main factors to look at. The first is understanding the competitive landscape for target keywords. The second is gaining insight into how different competitors approach the same keywords. Finally, competitor keyword data can also be used to identify new opportunities worth pursuing.

    While there are plenty of different tools that can be used to analyze keyword data, one of the most common challenges that Omaha businesses have is deciding which competitors to analyze. The best way to make this determination is to let the data guide you. Instead of making assumptions about which competitors are the most savvy and aggressive with their SEO, it’s best to let the data speak for itself.

    Once keyword data has been collected, it will be clear which competitors are actively investing in SEO. With that information in front of you, it will be very easy to focus on the right group of competitors.

    Analyzing Competitors’ Approach to Site Design and Structure

    Simply copying what another business is doing is not the way to get ahead. Instead, that approach will limit a business from ever gaining an edge. However, what is worthwhile is being aware of what competitors are already doing. Not only will that enable you to be sure you have all your bases covered, but it will also expose you to opportunities to gain an advantage.

    A great example of taking this kind of approach can be seen with evaluating the design and structure of competitors’ sites. Factors that can be evaluated include how many pages a competitor has indexed, when their domain was originally created and how fast their site loads.

    Another very important component to look at is what a competitor is doing in terms of mobile. Given that mobile traffic continues to grow, responsive design should be a must for any business website. But because many sites are still behind the curve, you may discover during this research that your competitors aren’t properly optimized for mobile. If that turns out to be true, this realization is something you’ll be able to fully use to your advantage.

    Looking at a Competitor’s Inbound Links

    While there’s no denying the fact that social media has become an important part of online marketing, Big Red SEO has seen plenty of Omaha businesses underestimate the importance of inbound links. Even though this topic may not be as exciting as it was five years ago, links are still the lifeblood of Google’s algorithm.

    Because links are so important, finding out what links a competitor has pointing to their site will provide a lot insight into how they’re ranking for specific terms. Not only can looking into inbound links for other competitors help a business understand how much work they need to invest to improve their rankings, but it also provides a very clear blueprint to follow.

    Since local search engine results are very driven by citations from directories, this form of link research is a great way to identify directories that Google views as important but may only apply to a specific industry. Becoming aware of those coveted sources and then securing a citation from them may be exactly what a business needs in order to noticeably improve its rankings.

    Getting Inspiration for Content Marketing

    In 2015, one of the best ways to improve search engine rankings and increase the number of targeted visitors that come to your website is to publish quality content on a regular basis. The reason this strategy works so well is not only does it increase the footprint of your Omaha business in Google, but it gives visitors more to interact with when they arrive at your site.

    In order to get the most out of content, it’s important to complement blog posts with elements like an email signup. Since nailing down the right strategy can be a challenge, it’s worth taking stock of competitors. By doing so, you’ll be able to get an idea of what’s working, as well as what’s not. This information will empower you to move forward and invest your effort into the right areas. Another reason Big Red SEO recommends this strategy is because it’s an effective way to ensure you’re staying on top of new mediums like video content.

    Big Red SEO Will Keep You Ahead of Competitors: (402) 522-6468

    One of the reasons that many Omaha businesses choose as us their SEO provider is we understand that search engine optimization isn’t something that exists in a vacuum. Instead, it’s a practice that needs to properly reflect the goals that a business has set for itself.

    If the main goals for your business are to continue acquiring new customers and establish brand awareness to put your business above all competitors, our proven approach to search engine optimization will help you accomplish those goals. Call us today at (402) 522-6468 for a consultation about how we can help your business thrive.

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