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How to Improve Local SEO for Your Omaha Business

Big Red SEO_local seoLocal SEO is vital for any Omaha business that wants to bring more customers through their doors. While this form of SEO is essential for local businesses, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Over the last few years, Google has gone to great lengths to “clean up” their local search results.

Prior to their updates, when someone was searching for a name, product or service that was obviously local in nature, there was still a good chance that the first ten results would include websites that weren’t relevant or were actually spam. Since the number of local searches done in Omaha and the rest of the United States has continued to increase at a very rapid rate, Google has focused a lot of attention on ensuring the results for those searches are actually relevant.

Because Google has put so much time and energy into this issue, local search results are ranked differently than standard results. So even though some standard SEO best practices apply to local business websites, there are additional steps that need to be taken to secure top rankings within local search results.

Since Big Red SEO consistently receive numerous questions from Omaha business owners about how they can rank higher for local searches, we want to cover which local SEO factors are most important in 2015.

Think Outside Your Brand, Products and Services

It is important for your Omaha business website to make it clear why people should choose you instead of any of your competitors. You also want your site to cover all the products and/or services you offer. However, a big mistake that many local businesses make is limiting their website content to just those areas.

When you interact with different people in Omaha, do you spend 100% of your time talking about your business? Of course not! While people are probably interested to know how things are going, you likely spend plenty of time talking about local news and events.

Since your website is an online extension of you and your business, it should function the same way. That means your blog should include a mix of content. In addition to providing updates about your business or letting readers know about special offers, you should also publish posts that discuss issues which affect the Omaha community.

By broadening the focus of your content, you will increase the visibility of your business within the community and ultimately bring people to your website who would have otherwise never come across it.

Offer Lots of Value Through Education

Many business owners assume that all of their customers already know exactly what they want. Since business owners often come into contact with customers when a customer is ready to buy, it’s easy to see why this assumption is so common.

But what that assumption overlooks is for every customer who walks through the door of an Omaha business, there are a handful who may be interested in a product or service but not at the point of feeling compelled to buy it.

Targeting online searchers who haven’t yet reached the purchasing phase of the buying process can give a business a major advantage against its competitors. The best way to implement this strategy is by publishing educational content on a regular content.

By publishing this type of content, you’ll be able to target a wider range of local searches. And because educational content offers a lot of value, the people who consume it will view your business as a trustworthy resource. Building that level of trust can be exactly what’s needed to convert more website visitors into actual customers.

Focus on the Off-Site Factor That Matters Most

At Big Red SEO, we know that citation listings in local directories are the most important off-site factor for local SEO. If you want Google to trust your website, you need to ensure that you’re listed in as many relevant directories as possible.

Not only do you want your business to be listed in numerous quality directories, but you also want to be sure that the name, address and phone number (NAP) is current and matches what’s on your website.

Improve the Optimization of Internal Pages

While many businesses focus a lot of attention on their homepages, internal pages are commonly overlooked. That’s why many Omaha businesses could increase their local search engine traffic simply by taking some time to optimize their internal pages.

Whether it’s a page that details a product your business sells or a page that provides more information about your business, looking through Google Analytics is the best way to see which ones you should optimize first. By identifying pages that already receive some traffic and then optimizing them, you’ll find that it shouldn’t take long for traffic to those pages to increase.

Avoid All Forms of Aggressive Optimization

If a strategy works well, shouldn’t you utilize it as much as possible? While that is the way to go with many forms of marketing, SEO isn’t one of them. As you’ve probably heard, Google has penalties that can be triggered by going too far with search engine optimization strategies.

Because of the company’s increased focus on local search results, many of these penalties are specifically designed for local business sites. Since the last thing you want is to lose all of your existing search engine traffic, avoid tactics like stuffing pages and their tags with the same keyword dozens of times.

Proven Local SEO Help is Just a Phone Call Away: (402) 522-6468

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the different elements of successful local SEO. If you want to improve your rankings but simply don’t have the time to focus on this component of your business, Big Red SEO can help.

As local SEO experts, we’re 100% focused on using proven search engine optimization strategies to help businesses like yours grow. So if you want your website to deliver results for your business, call us today at (402) 522-6468 to begin discussing the ideal local SEO strategy for your Omaha business.

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