How to Increase Your Conversion Rate & Sell More Online

Online ShoppingIf your business sells products, the Internet provides an incredible channel for increasing sales. While the right online presence can put your product sales on the fast track, simply putting up a website is not enough to guarantee success. As countless businesses have learned, selling a meaningful amount of products online requires the right strategic approach. A big part of this approach is your company website. Since Big Red SEO has reviewed and optimized many websites over the years, we have a lot of data about which design strategies help to convert visitors into customers, as well as which ones can prevent a site from finding success.

The reason that conversion rate is arguably the most important metric for any business that’s selling online is because it determines how many visitors actually become customers. Although getting traffic is a very important part of the online success equation, the traffic a site brings in is going to be wasted if virtually no one becomes a customer. While the need to convert visitors into customers is easy to understand, it’s an area where many businesses struggle.

The Process of Optimizing a Website for Conversions

In order to maximize the conversion rate of your website, you need to commit to testing improvements on an ongoing basis. Running tests and analyzing the data you collect is the only way to know exactly what’s going to work best for your target demographic. Even though the thought of running these tests may sound a little intimidating, it’s worth noting that there are many different software products that can simplify the process of implementing and executing tests.

While A/B and split testing are detailed topics on their own, before you can do anything along those lines, you need to know what’s worth testing. Since it does take time and resources to make changes focused on improving conversions, this isn’t something you want to do without thought. Instead, you want to take a strategic approach to optimizing your website for conversions.

Since getting started with this pursuit is often the most difficult part for Omaha businesses, Big Red SEO wants to share some proven strategies for increasing your website’s conversion rate:

Nail Down Your Messaging

When it comes to improving conversions, it’s helpful to think of your website as a digital salesperson. If a prospect was talking to you in person, everything from your appearance to the language you use would impact whether or not they buy from you. While online purchases may not involve talking to someone, the same rules still apply.

As testing data shows time and time again, the impact of messaging can have a far bigger impact on conversions than most businesses expect. Since it’s the first element a visitor will notice, nailing down your messaging begins with the headline that you use on a product landing page. From there, you want to connect with visitors in a way that enables them to picture what their life will be like after they purchase your product. If you’re able to craft your messaging in a way that creates a very positive association, your conversion rate will see a noticeable increase.

Eliminate Obstacles

Issues that cause people to have problems with a website are one of the most common conversion killers. Whether the specific problem is a broken link or a page that asks for someone to type in too much information, these obstacles can cause potential customers to leave your site and never come back. Since user experience design issues can literally cause your website to leak revenue, it’s important to focus on finding elements of your website that are problematic and then figuring out a way to eliminate any friction.

Create Trust

Although a large percentage of the population is now very comfortable using computers and the Internet, that doesn’t mean people are totally comfortable with the idea of pulling out their credit card and typing this sensitive financial information into a website. Since that act still requires quite a bit of trust, it’s important that your website has all the necessary elements to establish trust.

When it comes to making sure that visitors feel safe with your website, an about page, technology trust symbols and easy to locate contact information are just a few of the elements that your site needs to contain. If your site is currently lacking one or more of those key elements, it’s almost guaranteed that your conversion rate isn’t as high as it could be with those additions.

Get Advanced

If you’ve never done any conversion rate optimization, you’ll get a lot out of taking care of the basics. In fact, many businesses are amazed by how big of an impact that seemingly small changes end up having on their bottom line. While your site likely has lots of room for improvement, that doesn’t mean you should stop once you complete those improvements.

After you nail down the basics, there are still going to be opportunities for you to increase online sales. For example, since abandoned carts are a very common issue for ecommerce websites, implementing a system to email people who abandon their carts can help you recover revenue that would have otherwise been lost. Since that’s just one example of an advanced tactic that can increase online sales, it shows the importance of having an experienced partner on your side.

Big Red SEO Knows How to Help Businesses Increase Online Sales

While we’re proud to be a local Omaha company, Big Red SEO knows the impact that the global nature of the Internet can have on businesses. If you want to put your business in a position to maximize online sales, we have the resources and experience to help you.

Not only do we have the knowledge to identify what needs to be changed on your website to improve conversions, but we have the team to actually implement those improvements. We also have the resources to test, monitor data and continue to improve conversions by finding new opportunities. So if you’re ready to sell more through your website, call us at (402) 522-6468 so we can speak about your business in detail.

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