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How to Write Top-Drawer Blog Posts

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    High angle shot of an open desk drawer showing the items inside.Getting noticed is key when it comes to online marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, a big corporation, or a writer. If you have a blog, it is imperative every post be easy to read and top-notch in terms of content. While anyone can sit at a computer and tap at the keyboard, that doesn’t mean what they’re putting out there is going to grab anyone’s attention.

    Here are a few ways to write blog posts that will get shared, give you repeat visitors, and get you noticed.

    Be Unique for Google (and your readers)

    Search engines have decided that they don’t like keywords so much unless they are surrounded by quality content. They don’t just want well-written posts; they want unique posts. Think of it like this, if there is already content out there in your niche, then what you post about must be better written and more unique. Google isn’t going to put ten of the same articles on the first page. You must bring something new to the table.

    One of the best ways to do this is to look at the first five pages of any search engine and see what everyone else is saying. In order to know what’s out there, you have to actually be out there. This will let you know what no one is touching on yet, or what areas aren’t being tackled well.

    Don’t Write for You

    If you want top-drawer blog posts, it means you want the most action you can get online. You want people to share it, comment on it, and genuinely appreciate it. It doesn’t matter if you have a personal blog, or are running a business website, you want to produce content that people want to read, not what you want to write about. This means paying attention to the reactions, comments, and shares given by people who follow your niche.

    Ask People to Share

    When you post something, don’t wait for them to find you. There is too much going on online these days and you want people to know you are open for business. It’s okay to ask peers to check out your stuff, and then share it if they think it is worthy. This will give you the feedback you need, and as long as you do it in moderation, asking the people who follow you to retweet something isn’t a big deal.

    Repurpose Old Material

    Right now, one thing people are starting to do a lot more is repurpose old blog posts into videos and podcasts. In this case, you want to repurpose old material into a newer and better version. You can a blog post that you’ve created, and break it down into a series of steps. Armed with the outline you’ve created, you can now turn that post into a video series of detailed tutorials. Whatever has worked in the past, you can use it again but in a different way. You need to re-visualize and use it.

    Sleep on it

    Don’t write a blog post in a hurry. The best writing comes in drafts, and the first draft is usually very raw and needs further work. Some have a natural gift of getting it right all of the time, but for the rest of us, we need to slow down and take our time. Don’t rush, because the good content comes out when we take our time and do it right.

    Big Red SEO Can Help

    While not everyone has a natural talent for writing, the tips above can certainly provide valuable guidance. However, we understand that professional writing is a skill in itself. At Big Red SEO, we’ve written thousands of blogs on hundreds of different topics, and we’re here to assist you. We prioritize in-depth research, use the latest information, and create engaging content tailored to your audience. If you’re looking to enhance your blog, please reach out to us at (402) 522 6468 or use or online contact form, and let’s work together to enrich your blog with high-quality content.

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