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The Most Important Element of Website Design

When Omaha businesses speak to us about website design, one of the questions they often ask us is which elements they should focus on the most. Although there are quite a few website design elements that businesses should know about and pay attention to on a regular basis, there is one that stands out above all the rest.

The Element of Website Design Every Business Needs to Care About

The most important business website design element in 2016 and beyond is mobile compatibility. Businesses need to have a website that works great on all mobile devices. There are actually two main reasons why this specific website design element stands out above all the others.

The first reason is due to the explosion of mobile internet usage over the last few years. In a relatively short amount of time, mobile internet usage has gone from something that was limited to a few activities like looking at stock quotes to the primary way that many people get on the Internet.

The second reason that mobile compatibility is the most important element of business website design is far too many businesses still haven’t addressed it. The simple fact is that people from all walks of life in Omaha are using their phones and tablets to regularly get online. That means any business with a website that’s not fully mobile compatible is missing out on a significant number of potential customers.

Why Responsive Website Design is So Important

Once businesses realize why mobile compatibility is so important, they obviously want to know what they can do to update their website. The most effective way to make a site function properly across all devices is to use responsive website design. Thanks to advanced CSS coding, a responsive website design will automatically resize to perfectly fit any screen. Regardless of the device that someone uses to visit a website, responsive design will ensure that they have a positive experience.

Create the Best Responsive Design for Your Business

While responsive website design is both a very powerful tool and something that Google officially recommends to businesses, it does take a specialized set of skills to properly create and implement this type of design. If you’re ready to upgrade your Omaha business website so that it’s fully mobile compatible but you are not sure where to start with a responsive design, Big Red SEO can help.

Our team has a lot of experience creating and redesigning websites that are responsive. Not only will we make sure that a design has all of the elements you want, but we’ll also fully optimize the design to help generate as many customers for your business as possible.

For answers to any other questions you may have about responsive website design or to learn just how easy it is to begin working with our team, all you need to do is give our local Omaha office a call at (402) 522-6468.

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