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Why It’s Important to Optimize Your Business NAP

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    NAP SEO Tool_Big Red SEONo, we’re not talking about rolling out the sleeping bags and turning out all the lights in the office! Although the benefits of business naptime are debatable, that’s a topic for a different article. Today, our team of SEO experts want to talk to you about your business NAP, or Name-Address-Phone Number.

    As you probably know, your business information is listed on many websites—Google Local, Yelp, YP, and many others, sometimes dozens or hundreds of others. This is how your customers find you, whether they need driving directions to your place of business or simply want to know how late you’re open tonight.

    We at Big Red SEO can’t overstate how important it is for all of your contact information to be accurate and up-to-date. If your business has moved recently, changed phone numbers, or even changed its name, your customers need to know about it in the places they’re looking!

    A Business NAP Horror Story

    Imagine this: you own a local sushi restaurant that’s gained a great following over the years, so much so that there are too many customers coming in every night for your current location to hold. You figure it’s time to move, so you spend valuable time and effort packing everything up and moving to a bigger space in a different part of town.

    Once you’re there and everything’s looking good, you notice that you’re not nearly as popular anymore and nobody’s coming in (GASP!); you’re hemorrhaging money and have to start downsizing because you don’t have the funds to pay your wait staff. How could this happen?

    You probably didn’t think to update your NAP. Or hell, until this article, you may not have known what NAP stood for. Without a current address in those listings your customers reference on a daily basis, they think you’re still at your old location. They put the address they think is right into Google Maps but it takes them to a dark and empty building. How sad.

    Your Business NAP and SEO

    Keeping your business information updated isn’t just important to your customers; it’s also key to making your business rise in the search engine rankings. Take it from Big Red SEO, the best local SEO company in Omaha, businesses whose information is correct and consistent across all the platforms that list them will rank higher than businesses with inconsistent listings.

    Why is this? When search engines see that all the listings for your business scattered across the Internet have the same information, they can say with greater certainty that your business is where the listings say it is. Since Google (and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo!) only want to give searchers the most accurate information they can find, businesses with consistent information are sent to the top of the list.

    This is equally true for completeness in listings. What do we mean by complete? Fill in all the information about your business that you can. Your NAP is just the start—if you have reviews, photos, videos, or anything else that could give users more valuable information about your business, make sure to include those as part of your listings as well.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468!

    Many businesses don’t understand that accurate business listings have a huge effect on their search ranking positions, and many don’t even know when they have inaccuracies that can lead to confused and frustrated customers! If you have more questions about how your business NAP affects your SEO efforts, we at Big Red SEO in Omaha would love to hear from you. Give us a call today at (402) 522-6468 or fill out our contact form to sit down with the best local SEO company for your business!

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