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Some Very Important Reasons You Should Have a Mobile Website

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    It’s an undeniable fact that if your business does not have a mobile presence, then you’re losing potential clients. Yet only about five percent of online companies actually have a mobile site. If you’re similar to most businesses, staying one step ahead of your competition can be crucial. One easy way to get ahead of that curve would be to include yourself in the five percent of companies that do have a mobile presence, especially if you are located in Omaha. Still not convinced? Here are some more very important reasons to go mobile which our Omaha web design team at Big Red SEO has put together for you.

    Matching Screen Sizes

    Let’s face it, the screen size on a smartphone is nowhere close to that of your laptop, tablet, or desktop screen. So, what happens when you direct your mobile users to your main (not mobile) website? They end up having to scroll horizontally and vertically to view your site, then zoom to make that section readable. As discussed in our previous article “Why Website User Experience Matters!,” end user experience can quickly cause frustration if a website is not mobile compatible. For example, often times zooming is needed, as the screen may not identify the finger touch on a small “x” area. By default, having a website design that is not mobile friendly makes finding information on your website so much harder than it needs to be. At Big Red SEO, we recommend every company having a mobile website. However, if you have a complex service with a large website or an ecommerce store, it can be the make or break on converting customers. Believe it or not, the ease of use is a huge reason most potential clients move on to competitor’s websites and purchase from them, as they are user friendly due to having mobile compatibility.

    Effective Mobile Websites are Designed with Mobile Users in Mind

    Mobile websites should be a reflection of your desktop website, but designed in a fashion that optimizes mobile navigation. Essentially, this means that navigation should be designed to be as easy as the touch of a finger. At Big Red SEO, our golden rule on website design is that visitors to your website should find what they are looking for in less than three clicks. Making the interface simple and easy to navigate can help, as the attention span of mobile shoppers is shorter than those who surf the web on a desktop or laptop. Remember that over half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices and that number is rising daily.

    With the capabilities in a smartphone advancing the main goal with making your company website mobile friendly is creating an easy to use platform to attract both the intermediate and advanced technology users. Making it easy for potential customers to navigate your website as quickly as possible will set you apart from your competitors.

    Mobile Search is Indexed Separately

    Mobile search is different in that mobile websites are indexed separately. If you are currently performing search engine optimization for your company or if you are looking to start SEO, this is a huge differentiation. Eventually it will be come apparent that all companies have a mobile website, as the search results will be completely different. For example, last month Google released a new update that provides a carousel view for bars and restaurants. If a restaurant is organically ranked in position one, they may still not arrive into the carousel as the rules and regulations for participation are different.

    If you go mobile now, you will more than likely be ahead of your competition, as over 95% of businesses do not currently have a mobile version of their website. So, if you want your business or organization to rank high in mobile searches, going mobile will give you the boost you need.

    Having a Mobile Presence Helps Drive Local Traffic to Your Business

    It’s rare today to see anyone anywhere who isn’t carrying their smartphone with them. More and more consumers are performing their research on the go, such as at the gym, while drinking coffee or standing at the checkout line at a local store. As discussed, people are using their spare time to find information about the products or services your business offers. When they’re on the move and hungry, they want to find a restaurant near where they are currently located.

    Why Design is Important for Mobile Websites

    At Big Red SEO, our website design team recommends building your mobile website with prospects and customers in mind. Especially since online shopping behaviors are changing! In typical cases, people are creatures of habit, especially on mobile devices. The majority of mobile searches are for food, a brand of clothing or a service they need in an emergency like a water damage restoration company.

    When having your mobile website designed you need to focus on the key sections of information your customers are searching for. For restaurants, that means having icons for driving directions, contact us, book a table and your menu. For a hotel, you should have icons to place reservations, contact us, and rooms available.

    What About Ecommerce Transactions?

    There are plenty of scenarios both locally and nationally that fit mobile perfectly, specifically for ecommerce transactions. When travelers are on the go and are forced to book a hotel room because their flight has been delayed, what do they typically do? They pull out their mobile device, such as a smartphone or iPad and search for nearby hotels. In most cases, the hotels that offer the ability to book online are most successful.

    How Big Red SEO can Help!

    Big Red SEO is the expert on mobile website building. If you have any tips of your own that you’d like to add, just leave a comment below or throw us a post on Facebook. We’re always excited to talk mobile and SEO! In fact, if you have any questions about implementing mobile or search engine optimization for your business and you’d like to hear from an expert, please give Big Red SEO a call at (402) 522-6468. We’re happy to prepare a website analysis, or we can just set up an appointment to chat.

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