Keyword Meta Tags: It’s All Hype in SEO!

meta keywords for Omaha SEO_BigRedSEORecently, we were approached by a company that wanted to hire us to fix their keyword meta tags so they could rank higher in the search engines. While another sleazy SEO Company in Omaha would happily take their money and make a few minor changes, we decided to educate the client rather than take their hard earned money.

There’s no quick and dirty way to modify a keyword meta tag and suddenly be at the top of Google. If there was, people could pretty much do that themselves and not need an SEO company to begin with. The truth of the matter is that the keyword tag actually has limited to no effect on the rankings of a page in the search engine results. The only thing that the keyword tag is good for these days is to help you keep the content of the page on track for the specific keywords that you’re trying to target.

The keyword meta tag is really only beneficial if you are doing searches within your own site using your own search engine or software to generate the results. In the case of a shopping cart for instance, entering keywords on a specific product can help guide your visitors toward the product that they’re looking for. In many ways, the search box on your site can be treated as a trusted source, as you’re not trying to influence Google or Yahoo or other public search engines with the results. When it comes to Google however, they don’t even look at the keyword meta data as it’s very easy for someone to enter a word and manipulate the results. Instead, search engines actually look at the content of the page. The title meta tag CAN affect your results, but we’ll cover that in another article.

So Why do SEO Companies Focus Their Efforts on Keywords?

When an Omaha SEO Company asks you about what keyword you want your site to display for, that’s different than keyword meta data. The meta data is actually hidden from public view for the most part, and is never displayed on the page (only in the source code of the page). When an SEO company talks about keywords, they’re actually looking to write an article, or spin content on your page that includes some of the keywords that you want to rank for. As long as this isn’t overdone, this is a legitimate way to help visitors find the content on the site that you want them to find, and in turn, search engines will rank the page higher than other pages (provided you meet other search factors).

If a search engine optimization company says that they’re going to optimize your meta data to help get you the number one position on a search engine, they’re pretty much blowing smoke. While back in the 90’s this was conceivably possible, there’s just no way to do it in this day an age.

Do I Need Keyword Meta Tags on My Page?

The harsh truth is no, you do not. However, people still use the keywords for the internal searches on sites, but search engines no longer take them into account. Still today, you’ll find SEO reports from companies that will give you a low grade and tell you that you need keywords. Heck, we still use them here ourselves, but they’re not required and should not be something that you spend more than 60 seconds writing. If you’re spending time thinking about what keywords to include on your webpage, you’re wasting your time.

Contact Big Red SEO Today!

If an SEO firm is telling you that part of the fee you’re paying to them is to optimize your keyword meta data, it’s time to find a new firm. Meta tags are good, as they help keep your site on track, but the keyword meta tag is no longer needed. For more information, or to request a FREE Website Analysis, please feel free to contact Big Red SEO and we’ll be happy to send you a report for evaluation.

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