The Key(words) to Optimizing Your Business Pages

Search Engine Optimization_Big Red SEOToday, we’re going to look at some SEO techniques many implemented in the past and ways you can use pieces of them, essentially enhancing them on a “work smarter, not harder” scale. As Omaha SEO experts, here at Big Red SEO, we’re are all about evolving to serve customer needs and interest. Our ultimate goal is to help your business modernize its search engine optimization strategy.

If you’ve been performing SEO for years, you’ll know that SEO has been about keyword rankings. This process involves investigating which keywords are bringing the most traffic to your site, figuring out which phrases are most popular, and executing a search engine optimization campaign surrounded around this data. There are parts of this process that are still performed in today’s SEO techniques, however, now we have the extended ability to scope out the competition and strategizing about how to close in on those hard-to-reach keywords.

The Problem with One-Keyword Landing Pages

To help the search engine optimization process along, you may have created landing pages and optimized the content so that it would perform well in search engines. But then when another word started to edge out the previous word, you were stuck with your old landing page. So you did what came naturally…you created a brand new landing page, of course, just to switch it up a little. But then, ANOTHER keyword started to edge that one out, and…do you see a pattern emerging?

We at Big Red SEO, the best local SEO company in Omaha, know that the problem with optimizing individual pages is that you’re only getting one page to rank for one particular term. Your goal should be to optimize your site so that a group of lucrative keywords with topic overlap is well-served by the same content on each page.

What does that mean? Well, you’re still doing keyword searches to determine the words that will get you the best hits. You’re just going about using them in a slightly different way.

A “True Story” of Keyword-Optimized Pages

Say you’re in the apple business. You harvest all different types of apples, and you want people who are searching for specific varieties to land on your digital doorstep. Instead of creating a landing page for Ginger Gold, a landing page for Honeycrisp, a landing page for Red Delicious, and so forth, you’re going to create content for just one page that includes all three varieties and more. Maybe some of your most-requested apple varieties deserve their own pages, and that’s just fine. Go ahead and make them. However, you’re going to focus on groups of keywords that not only serve your content, but serve each other in terms of popular keyword search. And then link your individual pages to your more comprehensive “big” pages. In doing so, you will have optimized linking through your individual pages and you will have optimized your like keywords.

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It’s true, search engine optimization is getting harder. But the good news is that our team at Big Red SEO in Omaha is here to help you modernize your web content design game plan and get to the top of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Contact us at the best local SEO company today at (402) 522-6468 for more information about affordable search engine optimization for your business!

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