How Do You Know If Your SEO Campaign is Successful?

Successful SEO CampaignDo you ever wonder if you are doing everything right for you SEO and don’t know the next step to take? Honestly, if you have increased traffic on your website and/or increased sales, then good news, your SEO is working! However, if you do not, you’re probably wondering, “How do I get to increased traffic and sales?”

Here are a few suggestions our team at Big Red SEO thinks might help.

The Truth about Rankings

Do not believe just what your rankings are. Rankings are always changing and are not necessarily accurate. Rankings do not convert into sales. You could have low rankings and yet high sales. Or high rankings and low sales. Which would you rather have? So do not worry if your rankings aren’t where you think they should be.

Keywords 411- What you need to know

Pick keywords that are unique and relevant to your website and field of expertise. In order to do that you should research keywords that get the most traffic. The keywords you use should reflect those that a person would use when searching for your particular company. Then, categorize your keywords into navigation that is user friendly. Do not use Flash or JavaScript links; they are not search engine friendly.

Audience Matters in Content Creation

Be sure you know your target audience whenever you are writing content for your website. DO NOT keyword stuff, as you can confuse your audience, keyword stuffing can cause frustration and make your website look messy. Our Omaha web design team recommends that your website should be unique and eye pleasing enough that others will want to link to your site. The more links you get from others, the higher search engines will position you in searches.

Have questions on how to create links? Check out your current connections, whether online or personally, other people and business owners can help get the word out about your website.

Social Media is the Key

While the majority of this article focuses on SEO, social media is also very important. Even though search engines do not count social media sites for your rankings. These accounts can provide exposure to a different type of clientele. It is still essential to have at least a Facebook, and maybe a Twitter account for your business. Share your page with your friends and family and they will in turn share it with their friends and family. The word will be out faster than you know it!

The Heart of Analytics

Review your analytics to see how much traffic you are getting. You have to stay on top of your SEO efforts, changes sometimes happen on a daily basis. As in some cases, what you try will not always work the first time. You have to try different plans. Technology is constantly changing, eventually something will work very well.

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