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The Lessons of Angry Birds Applied to Search Engine Optimization Services

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    Angry Birds vs SEOIf you don’t know what Angry Birds is, you should be ashamed of yourself! It is one of the most addictive and exciting app games out there. The Finnish company Rovio Entertainment created the game to eat up the spare time of those of us who carry our phones around everywhere. So much planning and research goes into the development of each level to ensure that you’re hooked from the start and instantly feel withdrawal if you stop playing. And if you’re like my husband, you take your addiction to the next level by not only passing the levels, but aiming to get nothing less than the maximum 3 stars.

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    Just like the many different versions of the famous game, there are different ways to get SEO results. There is organic search engine optimization or Pay per Click (PPC). You can do it yourself or hire an Omaha SEO expert like Big Red SEO to perform all the hard work for you. Interestingly enoug, Omaha SEO services can be just as addictive as Angry Birds, if done successfully.

    How the basics of SEO compare to Angry Birds

    The basics of SEO Services work to increase traffic to your site and provide you with top search engine rankings. And trust me, as a business owner of multiple companies, if SEO is done right the results are addicting. You will see higher traffic and increased profits. The key to search engine optimization is paying close attention to your competition and learning from their mistakes, having the right content message on your website and providing Google with fresh and unique content often. Let’s face it, if you get more traffic to your website you can make more money. More money means an increased paycheck, and if you’re like me it means you spend more on your SEO Campaign because you’ve seen the results and can’t help but want more!

    “If you build it, they will come,” unfortunately doesn’t apply to the web world. You cannot register a product and instantly get traffic unless you’re searching for your own site or your family/friends are checking out the website. You have to get your business name out there and get to the top page of a search engine. Why is being on page 1 important? Because if you’re not, they won’t come. In fact, 98% of people rarely even click to page 2.

    Contact the best SEO Company in Omaha at (402) 522-6468!

    If you need assistance in creating an addictive SEO Campaign that will get you the results you deserve, feel free to contact us at Big Red SEO, the Best SEO Company in Nebraska. We would be happy to help your clients get addicted to your company and services.

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