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A Local SEO Company’s Tips to Convert Customers

No matter how great your sales funnel is, not every visitor who comes to your website is going to follow the path you want them to. There will be bumps and snags along the way, but just because your prospects don’t immediately convert into customers doesn’t mean that you have to abandon them.

Our local SEO company knows how important search engine optimization is to your business for helping qualified potential customers find you online, but the process rarely stops there. Once you’re ranked highly in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, you still have to close sales like a champion!

With that in mind, our team at Big Red SEO will walk you through some of the steps you should take with those prospects who are interested in what you’re selling but don’t seem willing to pull the trigger.

Set a “No Communication” Deadline

Every business owner has been through this situation before: you’ve had a prospect on the line for a while, maybe even a long while, and they just won’t bite. If it’s been 30 days since you’ve heard from a potential client, try sending them an email that sounds a little something like this:

We’ve enjoyed learning about you as well as your business in the past. While we wish to earn your business, we want to ensure we are not a nuisance. Feel free to contact us at your convenience if you have any additional questions or would like to move forward with our services.”

This kind of message, friendly yet to the point, lets a prospect know that the ball is in their court. This will accomplish one of two things–either it’ll get their attention and spur them to action, or it will remove them from your sales funnel so you don’t waste your valuable time and energy on a prospect that won’t move forward.

Answer FAQs on Your Website

In order to turn prospects into customers, you have to remove every point of friction between your potential customer and the sale. A great way to accomplish this is by having an in-depth frequently asked question section on your website. Whether you have a page devoted to these common questions or you tackle them in a series of blog articles (our local SEO company recommends doing both), when potential customers have direct and easily accessible answers to their most burning questions about your services or products, they’re more likely to feel comfortable doing business with you.

Remind Them Why You’re Valuable

You can ask for sales all day long, but the truth remains that prospects will only become customers if they see the value in it for them. While your main goal is to sell your product or services, educating should be at the forefront of all activities. Helping people see why it’s in their best interest to buy what you’re offering them will ensure that you are selling the right product or service to the right customer.

If a prospect isn’t closing with you, we’d recommend asking them “why?” There are many aspects to the sales process, such as discovery, building rapport, and solution-finding, as well as overall problem-solving. During these processes, it’s quite easy to lose the customer, as your solution may not be their top priority.

For example, say your bathtub doesn’t drain as well as it did 30 days ago. You continue to do home remedies and purchase over-the-counter products and might even go as far as picking the hair out of your drain before and after a shower. It’s not until these solutions no longer work that you hire a professional plumber.

If you experience hesitation or resistance, or the common “I don’t need your services now, but maybe in the future,” remind them how your services can solve their immediate problems. Paint a picture of what the solution means for them.

Be sure to take the time to remind all prospects of the potential return on investment (ROI) your services can offer. When they see that signing up for your services today can result in them experiencing a sizeable cash flow in the future, they’ll more likely convert to a customer.

How We Help Convert Prospects to Clients

In the world of search engine optimization, for instance, our local SEO company helps businesses gain more online exposure. If a particular business is floundering on page 10 of Google and doesn’t know what to do about it, we help them improve their business website to be more helpful to potential clients and thus more attractive to search engines. In essence, we at Big Red SEO offer a clear solution to an immediate problem that our ideal clients face on a daily basis, and that’s what your business needs to do, too!

Contact Our Local SEO Company at (402) 522-6468 Today!

Sometimes the road to converting sales is easy, and other times it’s full of hitches and detours that can leave you feeling frustrated; we here at Big Red SEO hope that these tips help you push through and convert more of your prospects into customers. When you need help getting more prospects in the door through better rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, our local SEO company is just a phone call away at (402) 522-6468! We look forward to helping your business reach the top of the search engine rankings.

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