SEO Marketing Expert, Conor Treacy, Recommends A Local SEO Team
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Local SEO Marketing Pros Have A Mind Blowing Advantage

Over time, consumers have become increasingly aware of how to best search for information in their local communities, such as adding locations to their search queries. Due to online shopping behaviors changing, there is a competitive edge to work with a Local SEO Marketing company.

While search engine optimization services can be performed anywhere, a local company can understand how to best market your organization within your community. It is also important to realize that they understand the dynamics of the residents and consumers themselves, in a way which non-local firms do not. At Big Red SEO, we take full advantage of current trends in local search optimization and show you what your current and potential customers are looking for.

The Advantage to Ranking Higher in Search Engines Results Organically

Extensive surveys on viewing patterns have proven that the majority of click-throughs occur in the top ten listings, and overwhelmingly on listing number one. If your site lists anywhere outside of page one, this dramatically reduces traffic to your site. With an increasing number of prospects performing a search on the search engines prior to making a purchase, it’s critically important to be found where they’re looking.

Organic listings are those listings below or to the left of paid advertisements that are free listings. If you’re like the large percentage of surfers typing in searches on Google, you’re probably glazing over the paid advertisements in upper ads or bar ads. Many web users will view the first few results located below the ads to determine which best fits your specific search.

Are You Ideal for Both PPC and Organic SEO?

For specific industries such as real estate, it still helps to have a mix of organic SEO and paid advertisements, as you may have users that are performing research on a specific area to move and users who are ready to buy now. With organic SEO, it is ideal to invest in marketing your company while performing Pay Per Click for houses being listed online.

The Harassment Process of Pay Per Click Ads

At Big Red SEO, we would say that the end-users trust that the search engines rank sites based on relevance to queries and offer a greater depth of choice over paid advertisements, however, this is not always the case. The majority of users know that the ads above, below, or to the right of the screen are PPC (pay per click) ads. If they click on a paid ad the search engines will grab their data and present them with like-minded ads, resulting in a form of harassment of a product or service. This can create a huge level of frustration for some end users if they have already converted to a purchase.

Local Marketing vs. Global Marketing In Google Search Results

SEO Marketing expert states, ranking high in an organic search for specific keywords, will not automatically rank high on local search results

An SEO Marketing Company worth its salt should know that local search engine optimization is by far different than marketing to a global audience. For those who aren’t familiar with SEO, the strategy for best addressing specific demographics and target markets varies widely.

Just because you may rank highly in a general search query for keywords specific to your organization, does not mean you’ll automatically rank highly on local results for the identical keywords. If you’re a hair salon, auto body shop, chiropractic office, roofing contractor, or any other business that caters primarily to your local community, you know that prospects in your community are searching for your products and services on their smartphones and tablets. At Big Red SEO, we help our clients understand why this is important!

The Extreme Importance of Content Relevancy

When a prospect types in a search query, they fully expect the results pages to be relevant to their query, and so does Google! For this reason, guidelines for optimizing sites have become increasingly complex. With Google’s latest updates, the quality and relevance of your website need not only to be optimized but also adjusted regularly. You can no longer put up a website, leave it untouched and then expect it to reach number one on Google based on backlinks alone.

How Our SEO Marketing Team Understand Local Marketing Trends

As a business owner, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms when performing your everyday job. At Big Red SEO, we have the advantage of knowing first-hand about updates in the search engines, popular local trends, and events. Our team is able to use that knowledge to best position your organization for success as well as provide you YouTube videos and other resources to help teach you the basics. Ultimately, this helps you see the return on investment that’s paramount in any SEO marketing campaign.

Contact Our SEO Team at Big Red SEO (402) 522-6468

We hope you have enjoyed the areas of value we offer you today. At Big Red SEO, we pride ourselves on being the expert in all things related to search engine optimization, as well as WordPress website design. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here or give us a call at (402) 522-6468. We’d be happy to learn about your business and SEO marketing goals.

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