The Logo Design Process

Big Red SEO logo_Omaha SEO CompanyThere are essentially five features that make up an outstanding logo: simplicity, personality, customization, memorable and cross-platform functionality. When a logo is designed successfully it can stand out as a timeless example showcasing a recognizable brand. It’s true that creativity, change and progression are all part of the creation process. That said, a base plan is necessary for success. These five features are the base plan that Big Red SEO recommends our customers implement for efficient logo creation.

Introduce Your Company To Your Logo Designer

A logo is your company signature, so it is natural that the logo design process begins with you. As you begin the process of logo design, your logo designer needs to get to know your business. For example, what is your company mission and what are you long-term goals? What makes your business unique? What is the age-range of your target consumer? Are there any existing colors or fonts imperative to your brand identity? What emotion do you want your logo provoke? The logo designer you are seeking to create your logo vision needs to first and foremost understand your company’s personality.

Hit the Creative Mark

Logo designers should compile a long line of preliminary ideas to help transform your vision into a prime logo. During this process there may be many ideas that never make it to the digital drawing board. Logo designers begin with several dozen hand drawn ideas. From theses the most appealing and appropriate elements make the cut to the graphics program. At Big Red SEO we have personally experienced several clients falling head over heels with the logo design concept that they never thought of.

The Design Process

Here’s where the designer takes the preliminary work and brand identity and adds these important factors into the recipe: balance, size, color and font. Balanced logos bring a sense of efficiency, completion, and care to the company brand. Logo designers take care to create a logo that is appropriate for small print as well as large format. Logo color or colors are carefully chosen based on your company preferences and personality, as well as the ability to function cross-platform. Although it is important that your logo also look good in just black for newspaper or magazine ads in black only.

Contact a Reputable Logo Design Company

A successful logo design should translate online and on paper. Think of how many companies you associate with “their” color. Choosing the best font to fit along with any graphic elements is equally important. In fact, font can even act as a replacement of a graphic element – called a logotype.

The recognition of an excellent logo typically starts not with the image but the typeface and color. If you need help guidance or assistance designing a logo contact our graphics designer partner, CreativeMark at (402) 201-1011. They are more than happy to assist you with all logo and graphic design services.

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