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Make Mission – Driven Marketing Work for Your Business

The simplest way to define mission-driven marketing is an approach that creates a marketing strategy around the core mission of a business. If your business doesn’t currently have a core mission, you don’t need to worry. Figuring out exactly what you want your business to do can take time. That being said, investing the time needed to come up with this mission can be very useful. The reason is it can provide a lot of clarity across many areas of your business. One of those areas is your marketing. Not only can a mission-drive approach provide marketing clarity, but there are numerous other benefits to this approach as well.

To learn more about the benefits of mission-driven marketing and how you can make this strategy work for your business, Big Red SEO wants to dive into this topic right now:

Increase Customer Loyalty

Many businesses think that marketing is all about bringing in new customers. While it’s definitely something that’s used for that purpose, marketing can also have an impact on your existing customers. Specifically, mission-driven marketing has the ability to increase customer loyalty. Achieving that goal can do several things for a business. Not only will it encourage repeat purchases from existing customers, but it also means that many customers will act as evangelists by telling others about the business.

Create a Stronger Brand

If much of what you’ve heard about branding is either in regards to the way a business looks or in terms that all seem abstract, you’re definitely not alone. Although many of the conversations about branding really miss the mark in regards to what it’s capable of doing, that doesn’t mean branding should be underestimated. When you look at some of the most successful businesses in the world, a great brand is often what separates them from the rest of their competitors.

While you may not be worried about taking over the entire world with your business, that doesn’t mean you can’t dominate your entire market. Successfully establishing a brand that people not only recognize but also respect can give your business the competitive advantage it needs in order to thrive. Since there are numerous advantages of effective branding, you may be wondering where to start. One of the easiest options is by focusing on mission-driven marketing. Because this practice will create so much clarity for your business, one of the side effects it will have is doing a lot to help define your brand.

Attract More Customers

As previously mentioned, marketing definitely plays a major role in attracting new customers. Because it’s such an effective form of marketing, using a mission-driven approach to guide this strategy means that it becomes possible to create a highly targeted net for reeling in new customers. Since mission-driven marketing is something that will really resonate with the right people, businesses are able to reap all the benefits of highly targeted and effective marketing.

Once a business properly implements a mission-driven strategy and starts executing it, the difference becomes noticeable very quickly. For example, instead of continuing to publish what may have previously been very mediocre online content, a business with a mission-driven marketing strategy in place knows exactly what they need to be writing about in order to connect with the people who are most likely to become customers.

Enjoy Easier Hiring and Retention

One of the interesting side effects of mission-driven marketing is it has a noticeable impact on the culture of a business. By giving everyone something to rally around, it’s possible to create a very desirable culture for people to come and do their best work on a daily basis. And what do people who are happy with their work do? They tell others about it.

So even though most businesses aren’t thinking about hiring or employee retention when they’re executing a mission-driven marketing strategy, those are definitely tasks that this form of marketing can assist with. Since bringing in new talent is an important part of continued growth, that’s a benefit that should not be discounted. And given the importance of having a team with its eye on long-term success, enjoying high employee retention is very beneficial.

Drive Revenue

Although some people are uncomfortable talking about money, this is the issue that’s on the mind of most business owners. Since money is the most important metric for any business, it’s worth noting that mission-driven marketing has the ability to drive real revenue. That’s all the motivation most business owners need in order to get on board with this practice.

Not only can mission-driven marketing drive revenue, but it can help to increase profitability. The reason is that the clarity provided by this strategy helps to make marketing much more efficient. That means wasteful practices can be avoided or eliminated, which then makes it possible to drive larger amounts of revenue with leaner marketing resources.

The Best Way to Execute Mission-Driven Marketing: (402) 522-6468

At Big Red SEO, our mission and philosophy is to help the majority of smaller businesses get a leg up on big corporations. Even though they often don’t realize it, smaller businesses have several key advantages over larger competitors. One of those advantages is the ability to drive results by working smarter instead of defaulting to working harder. A key tenet of our mission is that we only work with one industry in a market at a time. This makes it possible for us to consistently deliver the loyalty our current customers deeply appreciate and respect.

While our service is wrapped up in the terminologies of SEO and web design, we often help in many other aspects of business like brainstorming on marketing, business challenges and how to get businesses to the next level. So if you want to work with someone who can not only help you implement and execute a mission-driven marketing strategy, but also understands the types of challenges you face on a daily basis, Big Red SEO is the ideal partner for your business. Give us a call today at (402) 522-6468 so we can discuss your business and the best way to market it in detail.

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