How to Make a Website Redesign Successful

Big Red SEO_Responsive Website Redesign 2015If you’re thinking about different ways to help your Omaha business grow in 2015, one option you may be considering is a new website design. While a new web design can definitely increase the number of prospects you attract online, it’s important to understand what it actually takes in order to obtain those results.

A common misconception is that all a business needs to do to improve its site’s performance is find a website designer. Although it would be great if a new look alone could noticeably increase the number of potential customers that a site brings in, things rarely work that way. If a business wants their new website design to have a positive impact on their bottom line, their focus shouldn’t be on small details like where certain pixels are arranged.

Since not focusing on the “eye candy” elements of a new web design sounds counter-intuitive to most people, we’re going to explore this issue in greater detail. By the time we finish, you’ll see why a flashy new look isn’t what redesigning a website should be all about, as well as exactly how Big Red SEO uses redesigns to accomplish specific business goals.

What Do You Want Your New Website Design to Accomplish?

Most Omaha business owners understand the difference between expenses that will move their business forward and expenses that would simply serve as an ego boost. Outdoor billboards are the perfect example of this for many businesses. While this type of advertising can directly impact certain types of Omaha businesses, plenty of businesses end up going down that path simply because they want to see their name and logo on a huge sign.

When it comes to redesigning your business site, you don’t want to fall into the trap of focusing on what’s “cool” or some graphical element you saw on another website. Instead, the process of working with a web designer should begin with identifying specific goals for the redesign that are directly related to helping the business grow.

At Big Red SEO, we take the initiative to identify existing problems for our customers. Because mobile website usage has become so prevalent, a problem we commonly identify while reviewing Google Analytics data is that the majority of mobile visitors only spend a few seconds on a site. Since that segment accounts for a large number of visitors who will be lost and never become customers, the good news is we have a direct solution for this common problem.

Our proven solution for fixing this problem is to use a template with responsive design. What makes responsive design so great is it allows a website to automatically adapt to a screen of any size. So regardless of whether someone is using a 3.5” phone screen or large desktop monitor to look at your Omaha business website, the site will be equally easy for them to view and navigate.

Starting from Scratch is Almost Always a Mistake

Increasing mobile conversions by using a template that features responsive design is just one example of why it’s so important to start the redesign process by identifying problems and clearly defining goals. While a redesign needs to be properly planned, that doesn’t mean this process should involve starting from scratch.

Since starting from scratch means more work and the ability to charge a higher rate, it’s easy to understand why a solo web designer would push for that approach. However, just because that path is beneficial for a website designer doesn’t mean it’s ideal for your business.

If your business already has a website, chances are that much of its content is quite good. From the About page to blog posts that have already been published, there’s no reason for this type of quality content to be wiped out. In fact, ditching all of your existing content could negatively affect your current search engine rankings.

Because a redesign should increase your search engine traffic instead of causing it to drop, our preferred approach to redesigns is to improve an existing site through the use of an optimized template. Not only does this approach eliminate most complications and ensure proper optimization of everything that matters most, but it’s also a very cost-effective solution.

On the subject of common mistakes, the other one that’s worth addressing is when designers or design companies try to lock clients into a proprietary system. If you want to update the content on your new site, you shouldn’t have to call a designer to make this type of change. Instead, you or a member of your team should be able to do it with the same ease as editing a Microsoft Word document.

The best way to ensure you’re in control of your own site is to have it built on a popular content management system (CMS) like WordPress. Using WordPress as the backbone of your site will allow you to easily make updates or additions to the content whenever you want.

Ensure the Redesign Addresses On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Because there’s so much competition, ranking well in Google requires a consistent marketing effort. While strategies like blogging should be done on an ongoing basis, a website’s design and structure creates the foundation for future SEO efforts. Since everything from proper markup to how site a fast loads can affect its ranking, it’s very important for a redesign to follow the best practices for on-page search engine optimization.

Call to Discuss How a Redesign Can Help Your Business Grow

If you want to work with a team that understands the importance of getting a positive ROI from your redesign, Big Red SEO is the partner you need. We make it surprisingly easy to identify exactly where your current site is falling short, and then fix those problems with a new professionally designed template. Once the redesign process is complete, your site will be fully optimized to convert visitors into leads or customers. If you would like us to take a look at your current website design, (402) 522-6468 is the number to call.

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