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Content Writing – SEO Company Discusses How to Do it Right!

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    SEO Content_Big Red SEOAs you get more familiar with SEO concepts you will realize that the phrase “Content is King” is true and not a fairy tale. If you decide to only do one thing with your website, I strongly recommend that you add quality, engaging, and original content. This alone can provide a source for your potential customers to see that you are indeed the expert within your field, while at the same time providing something for the search engines to index. There are several websites out there that are ranked high but offer no content except for a splash page.

    Don’t worry, these will not stay in the rankings long, as search engines like Google have released new major updates in their algorithm that will stop these guys from cheating. We have created a few tips to help you make the shift to content writing. If you apply all these tips, you will be headed in the right direction and will sound like the expert you are.

    Content Marketing is HUGE Right Now

    Over the last six months, the most significant shift all website owners have experienced in organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on posting quality content that closely matches search queries AND provides value to the site’s visitors. Copy editing helps transform your writing to something more polished and professional which absolutely helps, not only with first impressions, but with the overall quality of your site. Remember with all copy, be sure to have a personality. This will help you stand separate from your competitors, as the end users will connect to you as a person. Be sure to grammar check poorly constructed paragraphs, fragmented sentences, awkward phrases and typos that literally jump off the page at visitors when they happen upon your site searching for information. How does your site compare to the site they just left?

    Most of us wish we had better writing skills or had a polished writer on our staff to write for us. The bottom line right now, at least in optimizing your site for the search engines, is to be passionate about what you write and develop a style that connects with your visitors. Let your visitors identify with who you are, and what you have to offer, through your words.

    Content Needs to be Professionally Written

    Improving your writing skills will make your content stand out. Your visitors will be like, “I knew you were an amazing chiropractor, but I didn’t know what a great writer you were too!” So, how to begin making the shift to spicing up your content? Understanding “why” is important, because it helps define the focus for the content. Is your goal to brand your product or service? Will your readers perceive value in your words? When you finalize why you are offering content, the rest is pretty simple. Whether you are looking to be an expert in your field offering tips and tricks of how to do projects on your own, or discussing how your product is different than your competitors, professionally written, and engaging content will give your audience value for their time.

    Build Your Identity Through the Style of Your Words

    When you decide to create content, you need to determine the tone and personality of your writing style. When selecting both of these items your product and services will have a major influence on how you write. There are three main ingredients to sales; knowledge, likability and trust. Develop a style that connects with your visitors. Do a bit of research with your current customers, friends and family to find out what people want to hear and learn about in your industry. This will help you stand out from your competitors. When creating content properly, it should be professional and unique to your companies personality while at the same time making sure to not become a corporate sales pitch. We’re all uniquely different and enjoy reading material that relates to us. If you are pushing sales hard in your content, your audience will more than likely decide to go elsewhere. Nobody likes a pushy salesman, so don’t do it in your blogs or articles – add some personality to your words. There are several great ways to phrase things that identify who you are.

    Read Your Words Out loud

    Part of grammar checking is making sure that your content reads just like it would if you spoke it out loud. The easiest way to test this is to read your words aloud as you perceive your visitors would, making sure to include all of the little words like “the.” This will help avoid repeating the same words over and over while ensuring the content flows correctly. If you find that a particular word appears again and again throughout the content use a thesaurus to research alternative words that will spice up the content. Here at Big Red SEO, we are huge fans of Dragon Naturally Speaking, a software that types what you speak out loud. You can customize this software to recognize your speech patterns. We are able to catch a lot of great writing pieces by speaking in the moment versus trying to focus the content into a particular direction. The key is to never stop talking/writing. You can come back and grammar check later, just get your ideas down on paper first.

    Have a Second Set of Eyes Review Your Draft

    As writer’s, we develop blind spots and glaze over mistakes or nasty habit words we love to use. We know what we’re trying to convey through our words. However, we may not be able to remove the pattern of speech we are used to. For example, while creating articles last week it was brought to our attention that we used the phrase “no worries” frequently. This catch phrase made it into our writing pattern for an unknown reason, as we have never used it before. Having a second pair of eyes draft the articles helped us correct this, as the phrase “no worries” was not the correct tone for our audience.

    A second pair of eyes will help with minor spelling errors that appear without you realizing it. One of our content writers wrote an article years ago about a billfish tournament in Kona, Hawaii, but completely missed that he spelled billfish with a “u”, so his billfish tournament turned into a bullfish tournament. Luckily, a second set of eyes caught that mistake before the paper went to print.

    Sentence Length is Important

    In real life, we don’t all talk in short or long sentences. In the course of a conversation, we mix up sentence lengths – and that’s what you need to do with your words. We see so many sentences on websites that go on and on and on, to a point that we lose track of what they started to say. Fragmented or run-on sentences are just as bad. Trim down the longer sentences and focus on the flow of your words.

    Always Look for Redundancy, Always.

    Sometimes you can say exactly the same thing with half the words or with different words. Don’t repeat the same words over and over. Expand your vocabulary and you’ll expand your audience. You might actually be saying the same thing, but with the proper words, your readers won’t even notice. The search engines do employ real people to review websites from time to time. Today’s trend, at least to satisfy the search engines, is to write for your visitors and not to enhance your SERP (search engine results page) rankings. Quality and relevant content draws repeat traffic, and that leads to increased opportunities to sell your products or services.

    Call Big Red SEO (402) 522-6468 for help with Content Writing

    Do you have questions about how to start writing quality content? Contact Us. We are a successful Omaha Organic Search Engine Optimization Company whose mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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