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How to Manage Your Company Facebook Page

Facebook_Big Red SEOManaging your company’s social media presence may seem like a piece of cake, but once you’re in the thick of it you’ll find that it’s very easy to make mistakes both small and large. At Big Red SEO in Omaha, Nebraska, our team of SEO and content development specialists are asked all the time about how a company’s use of social media, and Facebook in particular, can affect their SEO efforts. Many businesses stumble haphazardly into Facebook without a clear idea of how they’ll use it (or even of how useful it can be), and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

While SEO and social media management are distinct from one another, when they’re utilized effectively they can and do work in conjunction toward the goals of your business. Good social media management practices coupled with effective search engine optimization can build brand awareness, establish customer/business relationships and trust, and turn the increasing number of visitors to your site into reliable customers by providing the high-quality and useful content they’re looking for.

We at Big Red SEO want to give you some tips for Facebook best practices—read on to make sure your social media management efforts have the best chance of success!

Do…Follow the 80/20 Rule

Facebook is first and foremost a social network, so keep your selling to a minimum while you interact with your followers. A good rule to adhere to is making 80% of your posts social-minded (while still relating somehow to your industry or audience), and 20% sales-oriented.

Don’t…Spend Every Second Selling

You’ll turn a lot of people off if every one of your posts is trying to sell them something. If you view Facebook as just another way to hawk your products or services, you’ll soon realize that nobody’s paying attention.

Do…Be Responsive to Your Followers

Generally speaking it’s hard to get traction for your company on Facebook, so when someone in your audience takes time out of their day to post on your wall or comment on something you’ve said, you’d better show that you’re listening to them. It’s best to respond to any customer interaction within an hour, and certainly no longer than a day.

Don’t…Ignore Your Followers

Getting back to the “social” in social network, your audience expects your company to be responsive. If your company’s Facebook page is stuck on send and not receive, people are going to notice. This is especially true when (not if) someone happens to have a complaint—in this instance, the best advice we at Big Red SEO can give is to acknowledge problems publicly and solve them privately.

Do…Post Sparingly

If you take nothing else from this article, remember this: your company will never be the first thing on your customer’s mind, and this is how it should be.

Having to compete with work, family, and every other personal goal that your customers have, the best thing you can do is try to connect with them at the right moment to spark an interaction, and posting to Facebook sparingly (and strategically!) ensures that your brand doesn’t become annoying.

Don’t…Jabber Constantly

47% of people don’t like brands on Facebook because they post too much, and 73% of users have actively unliked a brand for the same reason. Just as nobody likes a blabbermouth in real life, they don’t like it on Facebook, either. It leads to your posts cluttering up their newsfeed, when what they’re really looking for are pictures of cats. Don’t get between your customers and their cats.

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