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Managing Your Blog Like an SEO Pro

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    Every major long term endeavor starts with a first step. When done correctly, each step will result in a successful campaign and a solid long-term strategy. Over the past year, Google has made all SEO companies step up their game, aiming to build high-quality content and focus on adding as much value as possible for everyone. To make it easy, I’ve separated some of the small steps/wins into different categories.

    In last week’s article, we discussed the importance of having quality content in your website. Write about trending topics. You know – the stuff people are currently searching for in Google queries. There is no secret formula for creating a shareable content and/or blog. If you feel you don’t know where to start, seek out experts within your niche to interview or query about guest posts. If you want to be completely hands off regarding content creation, please feel free to ask an experienced Omaha SEO Consultant like Big Red SEO. We would be more than happy to help you out!

    Produce Quality Content!

    When starting a blog for a website, one of the biggest mistakes companies make is that they create a large amount of blog articles at once and publish them. It is great to have energy and be enthused when starting a blog, but just be sure to deliver it to your end users in small doses. Focus on writing fewer articles comprised of great content that your readers can relate to, rather than producing lots of content that no one wants to read.

    Tip: If you have several blog articles starting out, publish them every two to three days. This will help you keep the momentum. If you are using WordPress as a content management system, the new blog articles created can be post dated for the future.

    Blog Management is a Must!

    Having a company blog requires a certain level of commitment. You will not only need to create quality content that is of value to your customer, but you also have to be proactive and provide them with what they need when they don’t realize they need it. One tip we have for all blog owners is to always reply to comments on your blog. The good, the bad, the ugly, reply to them all. Replying to comments helps build relationships, and that’s the stuff that helps grow businesses long-term. When we say reply to them all, we don’t mean the spam comments-they should be deleted.

    Tip: If you receive a bad comment on your blog, do not immediately hit delete. At times it is better to publish the not-so-nice comment publicly and address it as professionally as possible. This will help your customers see that you care about their opinion whether it’s good, bad or otherwise. This also helps show that you are prompt in managing your blog.

    Pay Attention to On-Site Optimization!

    There are many steps a website owner can perform to help a website with on-site optimization. For WordPress, installing an SEO plug-in to optimize your site can help substantially, as this will help you pay attention to your title tags and meta descriptions. As mentioned above, having a blog can create a huge impact if the content is of high quality. Your company will be presented as the expert in your industry, while providing content that the search engines can continually index.

    One quick way to get activity on your website is to create short videos. Search engines love videos. Creating a short clip will help your customers connect with you and your team and will provide the search engines with what they are looking for (video with rich content).

    There are over a hundred small steps you can take to quickly optimize your site for Search engines like Google and Bing. For help, feel free to call an Omaha SEO Company like Big Red SEO, at (402) 522-6468, or fill out our contact form. Our mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We help you get the results you deserve.


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