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At Big Red SEO we believe in educating our clients and potential clients as much as possible. We update our blog regularly with things we’re seeing in the industry, tips for website exposure, security alerts and general business. If you have an idea for a blog post you want us to cover, please contact us!

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Time To Upgrade PHP Version

Upgrade Your WordPress Site With PHP 8.3 Improvements

Transitioning to PHP 8.3 is a game-changer for your WordPress site’s performance, security, and user experience. With PHP 7.4 and 8.0 discontinued, upgrading is essential to leverage faster page loads, reduced server load, and enhanced security. Discover how PHP 8.3’s features, like faster compilation times, can optimize your site’s speed and efficiency. Learn the steps to identify your current PHP version, ensure compatibility, and smoothly transition to the latest PHP.

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elementor error notice Post CSS File

Error: Elementor\Post_CSS_File is deprecated

There’s nothing worse than loading a website and finding an error, except finding that error at the top of the page!  It’s the first thing that users see and what an impact, especially as a WordPress web developer, an error at the top of the screen can make.  You’ve essentially LOST any potential sale from the visitor that came to the site!

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