Mobile Retail Design Tips by Big Red SEO for Holiday Conversions

Big Red SEO - mobile retailIn Big Red SEO’s last Holiday Conversion article, our Omaha web design team discussed some simple ways to optimize your mobile ecommerce site to drive conversions in the holiday buying season.

Today we’ll go further in depth and look at more important but overlooked strategies you can use to increase your sales year-round!

Keep the number of taps down

Many retailers today simply port their normal website to an app instead of designing a site specifically tailored to mobile experience, but our Big Red SEO team thinks this is a mistake. Why? Because mobile app experience should be inherently different from normal web experience. Think about it in terms of end user functionality—a potential customer shopping on your site with a smartphone is more likely to be on the go and preoccupied with other tasks, so you as a retailer want to make her shopping experience as effortless and hassle-free as possible to have a better chance at converting the sale.

A normal website can require as many as 11 clicks before a customer reaches the actual payment flow, which is fine if they’re sitting at home, motivated to buy a particular product they can only get from you, but it’s the kiss of death for mobile sales.

Big Red SEO’s suggestion: make sure that within three taps of opening your app, a customer can have his chosen product in the shopping cart, ready to be checked out.

Use convenient options for mobile payment

Again, consider the physical limitations of the device your customer will be using to navigate your site. The small screen on a mobile device makes entering credit card information frustratingly difficult, which is not what you want her to be feeling as she’s about to exchange her money for your product. Since many people have Paypal or Amazon accounts, our experienced Big Red SEO Omaha web design team suggests you utilize these one-step checkout options to streamline the process, which in turn creates happy customers.

What’s the alternative? The wall of fields. If someone hasn’t used your mobile platform to make a purchase yet and don’t have their information saved to autofill, there can be as many as 17 separate fields of information for them to fill out before conversion, and this Herculean task can turn people off and lose you sales.

Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468!

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and has given you a good idea of where exactly you need to start when designing a convenient mobile ecommerce site that you can use to take advantage of a huge (and ever-increasing) mobile shopping customer base. As an Omaha SEO company, we want to help your business convert sales through every possible channel, so give Big Red SEO a call today at (402) 522-6468 if you have any questions about this post or SEO and web design in general. We’ll help get you to the top of the search engine rankings!

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