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Mobile Web Design for Businesses in 2016 and Beyond

Mobile web design is no longer something that’s optional for Omaha businesses. The reason that this type of web design has become a necessity and will remain that way for the foreseeable future is many people now use mobile devices like phones or tablets as their main way to get online. It’s not uncommon for websites to get more than half of all their traffic from those types of devices.

Given that the shift to the mobile Internet has happened and is here to stay, the big question Omaha businesses have to answer is how they can provide the best possible experience to those types of Internet users. Businesses that fail to answer that question will continue to miss out on a significant number of potential customers.

The Wrong Way to Tackle Mobile Web Design

Before we cover the way that Omaha businesses should handle this type of web design, we want to take a look at the wrong way to address this issue. Trying to build a dedicated mobile website is the wrong way for businesses to deal with the shift to mobile. Although this approach was popular when the mobile web was in its infancy, it had numerous shortcomings. And now that the mobile web has matured, those shortcomings are even more glaring.

The Best Approach to Mobile Web Design in 2016 and Beyond

A poor user experience, non-intuitive navigation, missing content and being difficult to update are just a few of the reasons why a dedicated mobile site isn’t the solution for Omaha businesses. Since a dedicated mobile site isn’t the right option but a mobile solution is definitely needed, what are businesses to do?

The absolute best way for Omaha businesses to approach mobile is with a responsive website design. With this type of web design, businesses can have a website that adapts to screens of all sizes. Responsive mobile web design means a site will be just as easy to use on a 6” cell phone as it is on a 15” laptop.

Unlike the watered down outcome of a dedicated mobile site, responsive design includes an entire website. It simply makes it possible for all the content and other elements to be fully accessible on any size of screen. Best of all, responsive design only requires one set of HTML and CSS codes. That makes it far easier to keep everything up to date.

Get the Perfect Mobile Website Design from Big Red SEO: (402) 522-6468

Responsive design works so well that it’s the method of mobile web design that Google officially recommends. So if you want your Omaha business website to create a great experience for visitors and provide exactly what Google wants to see, you need a responsive design from Big Red SEO. To discuss in detail exactly how we can create the perfect responsive design for your business, call our Omaha office today at (402) 522-6468.

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