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What You Need to Know About the Open Graph Protocol

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    time-to-update-your-websiteOne of the reasons that search engine optimization is so challenging is because this field is constantly changing. The open graph protocol is a perfect example of something that’s fairly new but can still have an impact on SEO marketing. Since Big Red SEO receives quite a few questions from Omaha businesses about what the open graph protocol is, as well as how it’s related to Twitter and Facebook, we want to provide some insight into this topic.

    What You Need to Know About the Open Graph Protocol

    Facebook created this protocol to enhance integration between itself and other websites. With the open graph protocol, publishers and website owners have an opportunity to exert control over how their content looks when it’s shared on Facebook.

    The way this protocol works is by adding specific tags to the head area of a website. If you pull up your Omaha business website, you probably won’t see a section that says head. However, if you choose View Source from your browser options, you will see this section in the underlying HTML code.

    When it comes to the relationship between this protocol and SEO, a direct link hasn’t been found. That being said, there are two reasons it’s definitely something worth using. Not only can utilizing the protocol help your content perform better on Facebook and Twitter, but an increased amount of social sharing can lead to benefits that will increase your search engine rankings.

    While there are a lot of tags that can be used in conjunction with this protocol, the most common are title, url, type, description and image. Since getting the open graph protocol properly installed and configured can be a challenge, plenty of businesses turn to Big Red SEO for help. Whether your website is using WordPress or another platform, we can take care of this and other useful optimizations. And because social media is becoming such a big part of any online marketing efforts, we can also help you take care of other beneficial integrations like using Twitter Cards.

    Big Red SEO Provides SEO Guidance You Can Trust: (402) 522-6468

    The open graph protocol is just one example of how often the SEO landscape changes. Because this field is constantly evolving, you don’t want to get stuck with a SEO company that relies on outdated methods from years ago. Thanks to our complete focus on search engine optimization, Big Red SEO is able to provide sustainable results for our clients that are unrivaled. If you want to learn why we’re the SEO company that Omaha business owners trust, the easiest way to speak with us is by calling (402) 522-6468.

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