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An Omaha SEO Agency Talks Content Creation Services

Omaha SEO Agency_Big Red SEOWhen was the last time you skipped a meal? If you’re a small business owner like myself, then it probably happens more often than we’d like to admit. Yet we continuously “forget” to post new blog articles or content on our websites–the very thing that Google needs in order to rank websites for visitors.

Don’t skip another meal! Put your content to work and either start writing, or hire a content writing agency to write for you. It’s an important step in the SEO process–more important than a flashy website design.

If content is dinner, then the layout of the website must be the snack. I don’t need to quote studies or white papers about the impact of friendly design on visitors as I’m sure you already know this, so I’ll just cover it briefly. If you have a website with no images and only text, your visitors won’t be happy. If you have a website that is all images and limited text, then Google won’t be happy. Our Omaha SEO agency understands that a balance must be accomplished in order to appease both of those worlds.

I’m going to give you an overview of what our Content Writers do for our clients on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I’m going to stay away from pitching why you should hire a content writer, and focus more on the methodology behind how we approach writing for blogs and websites. But should you want our team to write for you, we have ample writers on staff (not outsourced), that can accomplish what you need–just contact our Omaha SEO agency for more information.

The Strategy – Overview and End Goal

I spend most of my day performing site audits and developing content strategies for clients. Most of the time spent in the audit is actually looking at existing content and the linking structure of a website – not just because I feel it’s the most important part of the SEO Audit process, which I do, but because it’s usually the area that most people put limited effort into.

Before our Omaha SEO agency starts writing for you, we first have to establish the purpose of the article and what we deem as a success at the end of the article. If the purpose is for merely filling content on a page, then that’s easy enough to do, but it won’t win you any bonus points with the search engines. Similarly, if the blog post is being developed to enhance your social media audience and brand exposure, then this needs to be defined up front, and written accordingly.

Once we’ve established who we’re writing for and what we’re trying to showcase, the next step is to perform research for the keywords people are looking for. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to use a fictitious company called “Conor’s BBQ Store” and the purpose of the blog posting will be to highlight why someone needs to buy the CharBroil combination BBQ.

The Research – Don’t Skip This Part

Have you been to a BBQ store or aisle recently? There’s a TON of them out there. Webber is a very popular brand, as is Kingston, and for the most part these are charcoal grills. We also have the Tregar, which is in class all of its own as it’s more focused on the electric smoker than anything else. Then we have the slew of gas or propane grills. Each category is designed to do something that the other can’t, but then we have the hybrid–the CharBroil Combination BBQ which is both a Gas and Charcoal BBQ.

Our Omaha SEO agency first must research in Google (and other places) as to what people like for both the Gas and Charcoal Grills. We then have to narrow down the keywords that people actually use for their searches. Then finally, what people in your direct selling radius are actually searching for.

Here’s a few words that we did some checking on:

charcoal grill, charcoal bbq, gas bbq, propane bbq, easy light bbq, big bbq, bbq smoker

The list actually has about 8,000 keywords in it. We pulled the majority of these from competition websites in the top 10 placements in Google, but we also used our own brainstorm session with our staff and our fictitious client to find out what words they use.

Nine times out of ten, the client has phrases that they believe are the most popular search terms, but when we actually run the numbers, we find that they’re not the phrase that gets the most impact or searches. So we need to first run a gut check with the client and see if these were just “ego keywords” that they wanted to target, or are they actually keywords that get results.

We then narrow down the list to the top 400 phrases, and that’s when the client gets involved again. We find out how many of those phrases they believe actually apply to the product, and then from there, our Omaha SEO agency produces a solid CORE list of keywords that we can develop content around.

The Content Strategy / Editorial Calendar Begins

Now that we have our selection of keywords, it’s time to figure out how many articles will be produced, what the timeline is to get these articles published and then evaluate the time to impact.

Search engines require consistently updated content on the website. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have a posting every day (although that’s what we do for our Omaha SEO agency’s website), we just need to find out what the actual publishing timeline will be. If we’re developing 8 articles to be posted once per week for 8 weeks, that’s a pretty good start. Even one written article every two weeks is acceptable, depending on the market.

Quality over quantity should be your focus. While we’d love to see 150 blog postings in a 50 day period, it’s probably overkill. Some of it will depend on your local competition, but often times, just a steady schedule of postings can win the day.

Article Overviews and Content Direction

Now that we know the end goal, the keywords you’re targeting, and the schedule of when things need to be posted, it’s time to start writing. The Editorial Calendar is going to keep us on track with what postings need to be made on what dates, so now it’s just a matter of keeping up with that predetermined schedule.

When our team writes for clients, the first thing we do in this step is provide an article overview. While establishing a title is nice, it’s generally the last thing we work on, so just jot down the theme for the article, and then a few items that you want to cover.

Overviews Have Been Approved – Get Writing!

The articles should be at a minimum of 450 words (about 1 page of writing), but nothing says you have to stop there. Often times, the articles that we write are between 800 and 1000 words. Some articles, like the one you’re reading, will be much more. If there’s a lot to cover, just keep going. If at the end of your writing you believe that it should be broken up into smaller articles, you can make the decision at that time.

When I write, and I’m different than some of our content writers, I often have 6 or 7 different articles that I’ve started the opening sentence to, then discover the article has taken on a whole new direction, so they get broken out into other articles. If it’s all related and should be published in one big article, then thats what you should do. Never leave your audience questioning what it was that they read, or why they have read it.

Content Editing and Content Approval

There’s nothing worse than bad copy. At our Omaha SEO agency, we require at least 3 signatures before the article is sent to the client for approval and eventual publication. This might be overkill for some, but we’ve found that our clients prefer it.

Our internal process looks a little like the following; we have the writer, who communicates with the content strategy manager, for the article being produced. Once the article has been drafted, our content editors take it to the next level and maximize its impact, by paying attention not only to grammar and spelling, but also flow of the article. At that time, it’s passed back to the content manager to make sure everything is covered and then it’s submitted to the client for their approval.

The client has the ultimate say in the article. They’ve already approved the overview and direction of the article, now they just need to make sure that it says the things that they want to cover, and also that it has the correct company feel for their blog.

Once the client approves the article, or has modifications, it makes a final pass across the desk of our content manager and is then scheduled for posting on the blog.

We take care of that part too.

Most content writing companies will write content and then that’s it. We’ve seen some that publish it on their own subdomain of their company page, but that doesn’t help YOUR SEO efforts, in fact, it actually helps theirs. So make sure that the content your Omaha SEO agency puts out is being published on your website.

Blog Article Scheduled for Publication

Now that everyone has touched the article and the client has approved it, we hand it off to our publishing team who publish the article and optimize titles and descriptions for SEO purposes.

A quick review of the scheduled publication date and if it’s the same day, it’s published – but most times it’s scheduled out for posting the following week. In the cases of multiple blog articles, we schedule things out either for later that week or next month. It all comes back to the editorial calendar and the strategy that was first developed.

But we’re not done–we’re close, but not actually 100% done with the article. When the publication date comes around, our team then goes back in to verify that it published correctly and gives a final cross check to make sure that everything lines up correctly.

Hire Big Red SEO for your Content Marketing Needs

We have a team of writers here at Big Red SEO. You could outsource the work to foreign countries and spend just a few dollars per article, but the quality of the writing is very important.

Whether it’s new blog writing, rewriting of existing blog articles, preparing website copy, writing blurbs, or writing one-liners for your Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns, our team can take on any challenge.

We write our own blogs, but we also write content for clients.

Content writing, content editing, content optimization, and content posting or publishing–our team at Big Red SEO does it all. This makes us a very different type of content provider.

From the initial brainstorming meeting, to the approval of article overviews, all the way to the final drafts, we keep our clients fully involved with what we’re doing. At our Omaha SEO agency, we pride ourselves in being your “ghostwriter” as such and do everything to keep your name in front of your clients just as if you were doing the writing. We don’t want any credit or our name associated with the content–after all, that’s not what you paid us for.

As a side note, just in case you’re wondering, I’ve been very happy with the CharBroil Combination BBQ. I get to use charcoal on the days I sit outside and smoke a cigar, and I use the gas side on the days where I just don’t have enough time. I’ve been a very happy camper!

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