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Omaha SEO Company_Internet Marketing_Big Red SEOIf you run a website that makes use of an online shopping cart, chances are that you’ve run into this situation a few (or a hundred) times: shoppers visit your store, stay for a few minutes, then leave without taking any action at all. Or worse, they come, fill up their shopping carts, and then leave without converting. This actually happens more often than you might think; a study by the Baymard Institute concluded that almost 68% of shopping carts end up being abandoned by online shoppers. Initially that number might seem staggering, but when you start to think about the habits of online shoppers, that number starts to make more sense.

Here at Big Red SEO, a leading Omaha SEO agency, we always say that search engine optimization’s goal is to bring potential customers to your door; once they get there, though, closing the sale is up to you. But what happens when your site traffic looks great but your conversions leave something to be desired? Are there tools you can use to try and bring shoppers back once they’ve up and gone? The answer is yes! Today our search engine optimization experts will explain why shoppers abandon their carts and show you three technologies that can help bring them back!

Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts

There are a number of reasons for this, and not all of them involve shoppers changing their minds about buying what you’re selling. To know how you can convince shoppers to come back to your site and finish the sales process, though, you have to know the potential reasons they abandoned in the first place.

For instance, a shopper might use your mobile website on their smartphone to compare prices for a product they see in a store. People don’t generally make immediate purchase decisions when they’re shopping this way—if your price is better than the in-store price, they’ll usually wait until they get home to place an order with you.

You also might not have convinced that shopper that your product or service is worth their money. That doesn’t mean that what you’re selling isn’t worthwhile, though! The decision to buy a product or service online also hinges on a shopper being familiar with you and what you’re selling, and you can build that familiarity in a number of ways we’ll outline later.

In short, then, our Omaha SEO agency suggests you don’t assume that someone who’s abandoned their cart in your online store isn’t interested in hearing from you again. With a little persistence and the right tools, you can increase your conversions substantially from these abandoned carts.

Persistent Cookies Help Customers Complete Orders on Their Time

First, our search engine optimization team at Big Red SEO will tackle the first example situation. Someone sees a product in a store but checks your site on their phone first to compare prices, and maybe even adds it to their cart to buy when they get home. This is a case of shopping cart abandonment caused not by disinterest but by your customer’s schedule and priorities.

Persistent cookies, then, are what allow them to open that cart again later, when their schedule allows, and complete the sale. Tracking cookies in general are small bits of data that your site sends to a visitor’s browser which remember things like user preferences, login information, and what’s in their shopping cart.

Persistent cookies are a little different from the regular type, also called a “transient” cookie. Transient cookies disappear when a visitor leaves a website, but persistent cookies stick around for a set length of time (around 30 days is best according to our Omaha SEO agency). This allows plenty of time for a customer to come back to their cart and find it just as they left it, ready to check out.

Exit-Intent Technology: One More Opportunity to Make Your Case

Exit-intent technology is relatively new in the field of automated customer acquisition, but here at our Omaha SEO agency, we’ve noticed it yielding some impressive results. It works by tracking mouse cursor movements of your visitors in real-time, measuring the exact moment a shopper decides to abandon your site. At that moment, the software overlays an additional message from you to try and retain the customer. Essentially, exit-intent technology gives you the opportunity to show a shopper one last page that gets them back on board.

There are many ways to get this technology to work for you. You could offer a discount code, contest, shopping cart reminder, or even a free ebook that explains how your product or service is indispensable! For more information on exit-intent technology and how it can help you retain customers, check out Bounce Exchange. This company is on the cutting edge of exit-intent technology and as a leading provider of Omaha SEO services, we at Big Red SEO think they’re well worth a look.

Ad Remarketing Follows Shoppers and Builds Familiarity

So what happens when a visitor leaves your site and you’re not sure they’re coming back? You can use ad remarketing, offered as an additional service through Google AdWords, to get them more familiar with your brand, reminding them that you’re still where they left you and you’re ready to serve them.

Simply put, by using ad remarketing you can track visitors to your site and present them with personalized ads on other sites that they visit after they leave yours. As a leading provider of Omaha SEO services, we at Big Red SEO know that a lack of familiarity with a brand is one of the main reasons shoppers decide not to go through with a purchase, so we recommend ad remarketing as a great way to help with this problem.

Contact Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468

Here at Big Red SEO, a leading Omaha SEO agency, we help get your business website noticed by more potential customers on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. By providing cutting-edge Omaha SEO services to our clients, we can bring their websites out of hiding and increase their traffic. The next step is closing the sale, and these technologies can really help if you notice that shopping cart abandonment is getting to be a problem for your company. If you have any questions about these technologies or search engine optimization in general, give our Omaha SEO agency a call today at (402) 522-6468—we provide Omaha SEO services that can get you the results you want!

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