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Omaha SEO and the Best Link-Building Strategy

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    Link Building Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOWhen it comes to building links (or earning links, as we at Big Red SEO like to clarify), there are many different schools of thought about the best ways to go about it. Links are great to have, not just for Omaha SEO purposes, but also because they’re one of your most powerful tools as an online marketer. Links from other authoritative websites are taken into account with Google’s algorithm to raise your search engine ranking, but links can also do a lot more, like bring in qualified referral traffic.

    Not all links are good for bringing in the business you want, and you need a business SEO service that knows the difference between good links and great ones. In this article, our search engine optimization specialists at Big Red SEO will outline the types of links that we consider best for SEO and referral traffic.

    Not All Links Mean Traffic

    You might think that snagging a high-quality link will automatically translate into qualified traffic coming from that link, but unfortunately that’s often not the case. The fact is that links often go unclicked in the wrong context. Sometimes a link is simply one of many in a given article or other piece of content, one that the author gives as a courtesy, and in this case the reader of that content isn’t given a compelling reason to click through to your website.

    For instance, an author might link to your content as a nod to your idea, but they may also provide enough context on their own site to make clicking the link to your site unnecessary. Many people aren’t interested in doing in-depth research when searching for the information they need, and simply won’t take the extra step.

    Traffic-Generating Links for Omaha SEO

    That being said, there are a few types of links that are more likely to get clicks, and these are the links our Omaha SEO team actively pursues. These are links that give readers compelling reasons to actually click on them, based on a number of situations.

    • Links from News Aggregation Sites: These links generate referral traffic because news aggregators generally don’t provide context about your article that keeps people from clicking—for anyone who’s interested in finding out more about your content, they have to click through and read it themselves.
    • Links from List of Resources Pages: These links provide the same click-through incentive as links from news aggregators, but they’re actually better as a source of steady traffic. Where your news link might only be widely viewed for a day or two, resulting in a traffic spike, links on List of Resources pages are much longer-lived.
    • Links in Third-Party Reviews: Third-party reviews of your products or services are great for Omaha SEO—they work like resources links, but instead of just a mention in a list, you might be lucky enough to get a whole article devoted to your business. Again, the incentive to click through is high on a positive review. People who are interested in what you’re offering already and read a positive review about your business are much more likely to follow the link to your website.

    Contact the Best Local SEO Company at (402) 522-6468

    Here at Big Red SEO in Omaha, our team knows that the difference between good and great links can be hard to understand, especially for those busy business owners who don’t have time to learn the complexities of the SEO process themselves. We specialize in business SEO services for small to medium-sized businesses, and have years of expertise in the white hat SEO practices that will get your business noticed by search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Give Big Red SEO a call today at (402) 522-6468 to work with the best local SEO company that brings your website out of hiding!

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