seo companies who cold call often are scammers
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SEO Proposals You Should Ignore

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    If you’re similar to the rest of us, you’ve probably received hundreds of proposals stating they offer the hidden secret services for SEO. Many of these fly by night Omaha SEO companies are using a template for their sales letter, then simply changing the names. One day, James will be their Marketing Director and the next time you contact them, the Marketing Director is Susan. Most of them will say they’ve evaluated your site, but the content of their letter proves otherwise.

    Unfortunately, any attempts to set up a rule to transfer the sender’s e-mails to junk mail won’t work because they use a different email address every time. By mass emailing website contacts, they’re playing the numbers game, hoping that at least some percentage of their targeted audience will believe their pitch and fall into their spam trap. Below are some tips from Big Red SEO on how to identify search engine optimization proposals you should ignore.

    The Bad in Cold Calling Omaha SEO Companies – They are NOT Experts

    Some search engine optimization companies, including those located in Omaha, hire a number of marketers to bombard you with their offers, either via cold calling off of a script that has been placed in front of them, or cold emailing a template found online. In most cases they’ll use the “contact us” form on your website as an avenue to push their agenda. 

    At Big Red SEO, we get over 20 of these emails a day from other SEO companies attempting to sell us search engine optimization services. They’ll frequently begin their pitch by stating that they’ve reviewed your site and say it isn’t ranking as highly as it should on Google, and for just “x” number of dollars, they can change those results. If you own more than one domain and host or manage multiple websites, you’ll quickly recognize their template approach.

    It is recommended that if you are looking for search engine optimization services, you work with a local Omaha SEO Company, as you can meet with them face to face and learn the industry. At Big Red SEO, we enjoy having a local presence for our clients in the Midwest as our team understands specific demographics that drive business in determined regions.

    Conor and Kim, the Big Red SEO located in Omaha, Nebraska
    We are quite different from other SEO companies and are proud of it! Say hello to Conor and Kim Treacy, the Big Red SEO Team.

    Ignore SEO Companies Who Don’t Professionally Review Your Site

    If a professional search engine optimization firm had actually reviewed your site, they’d share the pros and cons of what they discovered in their review, with recommendations on how they propose to fix the cons. 

    Logically, you need to know upfront what’s good about your site as well as what needs work. If they state you are not ranking highly in the search engine for specific words, they should deliver the amount of searches you could receive if you are ranked in the top areas. 

    Often times Omaha SEO Companies will state that they can get you ranked #1, #2 or #3. However, there will be less than ten searches a month for that specific word. Learn more about what is known as the keyword efficiency index in our past article.

    Inquire as to Their Previous Successes

    If Omaha SEO companies won’t show or provide you with previously successful projects, testimonials or case studies, this should raise red flags. Insist on hiring seasoned professionals that live and breath search engine optimization. 

    Personally, I have no idea how to fix a car, even though I could easily learn how to. Instead, I choose to take my car to the expert that works on automotives day in and day out. Hire the professionals that will take the time to learn and understand your business. 

    Search engine optimization is more than just high rankings in the SERP, it is about building a solid foundation for your business. Solid and lasting is better than quick results.

    Check Their Website to Determine if They Follow Their Own Advice and SEO Practices

    A sign of whether Omaha SEO companies are legitimate can be whether or not they follow their advice on their own website. How does their site rank? Can you even find them on the first ten pages of search results? 

    You simply cannot trust a firm that is unable or unwilling to perform search engine optimization on their own site. Give them an opportunity to share with you which keywords they’ve targeted for their own website, and then determine how well they rank for those keywords. If they can’t be found, you probably won’t be either if you hire them.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today (402) 522-6468

    Do you have questions about the search engine optimization process and how it can help your business? Contact our SEO team today at (402) 522-6468. We would love to show you how internet marketing can help you capture more customers.

    Want more details regarding SEO or WordPress website design? Be sure to view our YouTube channel.

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