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Omaha SEO: How to Create Engaging YouTube Videos

youtube_online marketingCreating impactful videos as part of your overall internet marketing strategy is a great idea for many reasons. First, since YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine which processes over 3 billion searches every month, taking the time to create compelling video content for YouTube can really make a difference in your search engine marketing (SEM) plan. If more targeted traffic to your business website leading to better conversion rates is what you’re looking for, YouTube videos are a great way to make that happen.

Here’s the thing, though—in order for your videos to produce the effects you want, they have to grab your ideal client’s attention and keep it, and that can be hard to do for businesses that are new to creating video content. Before you abandon all hope, though, our Omaha SEO team at Big Red SEO will share some tips for creating quality video content that can perform well on YouTube!

How YouTube Ranks Video Content

It’s not just about how many clicks your video gets, but whether your content is compelling enough to sit through. You see, YouTube ranks videos by a factor that’s sort of like a bounce rate—if your 3-minute video gets clicked on a lot but only plays for 10 seconds before viewers get bored or find that the content wasn’t what they wanted and click the back button, your content won’t rank so high.

So how do you go about creating video content that YouTube users 1) click on, 2) watch to the end, and 3) follow back to your business website to buy what you’re selling? It comes down to a few simple principles—knowing your audience, planning ahead, being clear and compelling from the get-go, and ramping up your energy!

Who’s Your Audience?

As a leading local search engine optimization company, nobody knows better than our Omaha SEO team how important it is to know your ideal client when creating content. This definitely goes for video as well, because only thorough market research can tell you those topics and phrases that will grab attention and make viewers want to buy your products and services.

Plan Ahead for Your Best Omaha SEO Results

Great video content doesn’t just appear out of nowhere—there’s a lot of careful planning that needs to be done before the film ever starts rolling. You need to create a great video script, storyboards, and compile that B-roll footage that will make your video come to life in the editing room.

Be Clear and Compelling Out the Gate

Once you know who your ideal audience is, you have to find a way to communicate your message in a way that’s both appealing to them right from the start and compelling enough to make them want to stick around. Anyone watching your video should know within the first 10 seconds what your video is about and what they can gain from it.

Put Your Game Face On!

Nobody likes listening to a talking head who stands perfectly still and mumbles in a monotone voice into the camera. If you’re prone to doing these things, you have to pay careful attention to both your body language and way of speaking when making videos. Employing more animated body language and varying your speech patterns will go a long way to communicating your message effectively and keeping your audience entertained.

Don’t Forget the Description!

One of the most under-utilized parts of a video is the description. This is a critical area in which you will capture the search engine’s eyes to help rank your video above others, or possibly even be listed on the first page of Google when someone is searching for something related to your video. A common tactic is to post a transcript of the video in the description area. This can also help boost your Omaha SEO rankings.

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In addition to following these principles, you have to have keyword research performed by a reputable local search engine optimization company to make sure you’re using the words and phrases your ideal audience is typing to search for your content. Here at Big Red SEO, our local search engine optimization services in Omaha start off with in-depth keyword research that lets you know how your ideal clients are searching for you. Give us a call for Omaha SEO services today at (402) 522-6468!

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