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An Omaha SEO Company Discusses Gaining Traffic from Your Social Media

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    Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOHere at Big Red SEO, an Omaha SEO company, we know we like to push the importance of fresh content, content, content. However, today we are going to change our tune a bit to discuss driving traffic to content that you’ve been so diligently writing for your business blog. One way to accomplish the goal of getting your potential customers to read your content is by sharing it on your social media accounts. Read below as our search engine optimization experts tell you how you can increase your traffic through your social media accounts.

    Drive Traffic by Sharing Content on Social Media

    So you’ve written content and posted it on your blog. . .what do you do next? Wait for people to find your content on their own? Yes, that works, albeit slowly, but there’s more you can be doing. According to KISSmetrics, you should share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Hopefully you already have a pretty good following but even if you don’t, the more you share, the more followers you could gain from your regular posts. Not only that, but our Omaha SEO experts say that if you share your content over multiple days you’ll get more clicks as well! Think about sharing your content the same day as you post, the day after, as well as the next week.

    Social Media Statistics – Twitter

    From KISSmetrics’ research, Twitter receives 5 clicks from the first post, 4 from the second and 2 from the third. For Facebook it’s 10, 8, and 5 clicks and Google+ is 4, 3, and 2 clicks. That is an additional 24 clicks just by sharing 3 times over the normal 1! Who would’ve thought? Well, that’s why we’re here–to pass this helpful information on to you.

    Note: You can even post the same content again the next month on your social media, because chances are someone missed it the first three times anyway.

    How Often Should I Post on Social Media

    It can be helpful to share things more than once on your social media sites, but you can easily overdo it if you’re not careful and quickly be labeled as a “spammy” company. At Big Red SEO, we recommend sharing the content as often as it’s relevant. For instance, we attempt to share on Facebook two to three times a day, Monday through Friday. On Twitter we share 6 to 10 times a day, 7 days a week.

    When using social media, whatever platform you choose, you will need to determine who your target audience is and learn their behaviors. At Big Red SEO, after much research, we found that many people do not want marketing or SEO data in their Facebook news feeds on Saturday or Sunday mornings so we’ve elected to post content to social media (for Facebook specifically) only Monday through Friday.

    Duplicate Content – Is this Practice Acceptable in Social Media?

    The answer is yes. Social media rules are different than SEO rules. There is a limit, though, and your audience will be the one to determine that magic number. If you’re looking to share the same article over and over we suggest asking yourself ”Would I want the same article showing up in my news feed 10 times in one week?” We’re betting your answer will be “NO!”

    Remember, your end users are human and appreciate value added, relevant content based on your industry. If you do become a “spammy” company you will experience followers dropping like flies, which is never a good thing when attempting to build a strong audience. Our SEO team attempts to keep the magic number of sharing the same article to 3-5 publications. We typically break it up throughout the week such as Monday AM, Wednesday PM, and Friday AM.

    What Not To Do When Posting to Social Media

    Another tip from our Omaha SEO expert team is to never post the exact tweet or message twice; instead, use this as an opportunity to change you snippet message to attract a different audience! Sharing an article is OK but introducing the article with the same exact text is a bit frowned upon as people will skim your business social media pages and quickly see you’re not putting effort into attempting to communicate the benefits to them of reading what you’re offering. This will in the end do more harm than good.

    Also, you’ll want to monitor the number of clicks you get from each post or any negative/ positive feedback you receive. That’s all there is to it. Pretty easy, right?

    Contact an Omaha SEO Company at (402) 522-6468

    As an Omaha SEO company, Big Red SEO recommends sharing your content material on social media. If after reading our blog you decide you need search engine optimization or assistance driving traffic, then call us today at (402) 522-6468. We’ll help your business succeed online!


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