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Omaha SEO Kick Start Campaign-Meta Description Tags

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    Meta Description Tags will not affect your search engine rankings. However, it can grab the attention of someone looking for your product or service.  Think of them as the samples at a grocery store. As mentioned in our article “Generate Keywords from Google Analytics” when there is a free treat, you find yourself gravitating toward that area as it is free and more than likely something you have never tried. Free samples are a smart way to capture the attention of new clients within the food industry while providing traffic into specific aisles. Even if someone does not like the sample, they will more than likely go down the aisle that the food is located and purchase something from that section.

    Live Example of How Meta Descriptions Work

    To take it a step further,  if someone is standing there with the free sample explaining why the sample is amazing, you are more than likely going to purchase the sample you are tasting. The sample providers can offer you information about the food, like what it can be paired with. To be honest, I cannot recall one time I did not purchase the food being sampled when I had someone there to tell me why I should buy it.

    The Meta description tag is your free sample. Granted, it is not a yummy food, but it could be a description to die for. You will include information that would catch the eye of someone shopping or doing a search for the product and service you sell. You will want to ensure that the information put within the Meta Tag is relevant to what is included on the page. Nothing makes a website visitor more frustrated than looking for a green workout watch and being directed to a website selling insurance. Below, our Omaha SEO Team has listed important information that all SEO Consultants need to pay attention to.

    What is a Meta Description Tag?

    Within each page, there is a section for a piece of HTML code. This code will not be visible on the web page at all. Instead, it is a hidden code that gives the web page a description. Search Engines like description tags as it gives the website visitors a description of what they can expect on the web page. If this section is not filled out search engines will auto-fill this section with the description of your website in DMOZ or the footer. I have included a Big Red SEO Meta Description sample below. Meta Description Tags will include 20 to 25 words depending on the search engine being used.

    understanding Organic Click Through Rate 1




    Creation of Meta Description Tags

    As mentioned above, filling out the description tags will not increase your search engine rankings. However, it will help you capture a website visitor over your competition if it’s filled out with compelling and relevant information. If your Meta Description Tag includes the keywords the website visitor is searching for, your company will appear no matter what your organic search engine ranking is. This does not mean you will show up on page one (unless you were already at that ranking) but it will put you ahead of competitors who are not ranked for those words. If a search engine optimization consultant is worth their salt they need to fill out every section within your website. Now, several SEO companies will take the shortcut and make all page description tags the same. This is not good. It will not hurt you, but why would you utilize the same sentence instead of creating multiple messages?  Again, ensure that the message within the Meta Description Tag is relevant to what is on the page. For example: If you are talking about weight training pricing you would want to put something along the lines of “EPTS affordable weight training services in the Omaha, NE area for beginners, intermediate and advanced clients”. You can see that the pricing is described within the Meta Description Tag. I have included the city and state as it will help categorize the search and what type of clients EPTS works with so the end-user can feel included.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    You are probably noticing a trend with all these sections within the Kick Start Omaha SEO Campaign. Search Engine Optimization is not just one section, but multiple layers of optimization, research, and equations that work together. The kick start campaign is very close to a monthly SEO campaign, the main difference being it is a one-time launch. Ongoing Omaha SEO campaigns require constant research, increased volume of quality links along a strategy to maintain current search engine rankings. Do you have questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Our team at Big Red SEO is more than happy to help you with any questions you have regarding SEO. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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