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Omaha SEO: The New Black Hat Techniques

omaha seo_Big Red SEOThere will always be good versus bad in the world, and that goes for the Omaha SEO industry, too. There will always be those who will dedicate themselves to the real work of making websites better for users and search engines, and there will always be those who are looking for the easiest way, using the least amount of time, energy and work, to get higher rankings.

While our Omaha SEO experts wish we could say that everyone plays by the same “rules” to get the top rankings in the search engines, they don’t. You have small mom and pop shops, companies that have been around for 30 years or more and large corporations that believe that cutting corners can get them the quickest results. Unfortunately, in the long run they don’t!

First, let’s start with explaining what SEO is. You need to know more than just what the acronym “search engine optimization” means to truly understand the process that needs to take place.

In a nutshell, Omaha SEO is a method of internet marketing. The techniques that are applied to this method can be simple, complex, or even downright frustrating. The goal with search engine optimization is to give your website an online presence and with the right methods, get it placed in the top search engine rankings for the keywords that are ideal for your industry. Keywords can be a bit tricky as what you think your “ideal” customer is searching for may not be at all what they are actually typing into a search bar. We’ll discuss that in another blog posting.

The Challenge of Performing Omaha SEO

One challenge you will face if you are new to Omaha SEO (or even if you’ve had years of experience performing search engine optimization) is that search engines constantly change their needs and wants. The truth is they are ultimately in charge, and what they say goes.

The great news is that the majority of what they say in their “non-spam” terms and conditions make sense. As a person using search engines, like Google, to look for a particular product or service, you will appreciate what they have to say.

It comes down to basics–search engines don’t want spam on the web (you know those nasty emails for inappropriate items that you can buy at ridiculously low rates – there’s generally websites built just like them too). Every time I get a spam email I think to myself, “Darn it, how did I get my email on another list!,” and this is true for just about everybody. Nobody likes spam on the web, and so search engines don’t like it either. Searchers are customers, and if Google or Bing deliver spam to their customers, those customers won’t use their product any more.

As we mentioned, a few years ago spam was “allowed”. By allowed, we mean of course that search engines didn’t really track or pay attention to the amount of spam that was being propagated on the web. It’s always been a negative practice, but there were limited penalties. While we have our theories at Big Red SEO on why they turned the other way and didn’t make spam a priority from the beginning, that conversation will require time to play out and a whole separate discussion.

In Steps Black Hat SEO

Once search engines started cracking down on internet spam and those manipulating search engines in order to deliver it, that’s when we really saw black hat Omaha SEO take off. If you would have asked us 10 years ago what “black hat” SEO was, we would have probably looked at you a little funny. Essentially, this term was coined not that long ago, and is now used to describe techniques or methods that individuals use to not only manipulate the search engines with useless data but also deliver forms of spam.

Some of the most popular black hat SEO techniques are purchasing backlinks that are created in a “link wheel” fashion, keyword stuffing, and mass spamming, along with a list of other methods designed to artificially boost a given website’s rankings.

In many cases a company will not actually perform the black hat SEO techniques themselves; instead, their current SEO partner or vendor will do it without them even knowing. Since most businesses don’t know much about SEO, they’re simply happy to see their business rise in the search engine rankings without understanding what their black hat SEO provider did to get them there. This is a classic case of ill-won short-term gains looking better than an honest long-term strategy to improve your website for end users.

Sadly, those “companies” often fold up shop and are not available for contact when Google finally penalizes the website. This is probably the number one complaint about SEO Companies in general. Too many individuals create a “business” out of nothing, deliberately using short term tactics in order to milk a client and then disappear. It’s for this reason you should vet any company you plan to work with. Visit their office and their staff. If they don’t have one, what’s to say they won’t be gone tomorrow and leave you open to penalties from the black hat techniques they used?

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Here at Big Red SEO, our Omaha SEO specialists practice only “white hat” search engine optimization. Simply put, we play by the search engines’ rules to make your website better, unlike some companies who employ tricks for short-term gains.

If you’re still thinking that maybe black hat SEO isn’t all that bad, we’ll tell you one last thing to dissuade you–Google penalties are not fun, and sometimes they can even kill your business. Imagine being taken completely out of Google’s search results for weeks, months, or even years! That’s what could happen if you’re caught using black hat techniques.

With Big Red SEO, however, you’ll never need to worry about that. We’re always hard at work developing the best Omaha SEO strategies to get your business to the top of the search engine rankings, without resorting to trickery. With us, your website will deserve to be at the top!

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