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    Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOOur organic SEO clients approach us often asking how they can help with their page rankings. As an Omaha SEO consultant, we do not expect you to know the ins and outs of the page ranking process. We have found  helping our clients with a few tips regarding their marketing strategy can help advance the SEO work we are performing tremendously. Below, I have provided a few tips that can be performed with any service provided by an Omaha SEO Company.

    Remember that content is KING and always will be. Make sure it is unique (non-duplicated) and is relevant with the industry or service being provided. Several companies have been affected by the latest Panda update, as they were utilizing duplicated content from someone else’s website. If you did not write it, or put it on your website without crediting the author, you are plagiarizing. Enjoy the three tips below.

    How Blog Postings Can Help Local (Omaha) SEO

    I cannot repeat this enough, blogging is important for any business! Article creation that includes value added information will help engage your clients and increase page rankings. Ask the SEO Expertthat is performing your SEO Campaign to provide you with a few keywords they are targeting. Place the selected keywords within your blog articles. Be sure that the information is readable with the keywords applied. Don’t talk about walking a dog and insert a “How to shampoo your hair” website.

    If you deliver unique content, which is written by you and not spun by someone else, Google will love your website! The more often information is placed on the website the more often Google will index the web pages. The more often the web pages (blog articles) are indexed, the more exposure your company will have on the web along with the search engine rankings gaining movement. For example: if the keyword being targeted is “Omaha Search Engine Optimization” your company home page will already show up (if the Omaha SEO Company is doing their job right). With the right amount of optimization, the homepage of the website and several blog articles will show up all within the same page,  giving your company the maximum exposure possible. It would be ideal if you were position #1, #2 and #3 within page one of Google for Search Engine Optimization.

    Keep It Social

    Although Facebook and many other social media outlets do not, I repeat, DO NOT affect search engine rankings, they do play an important part of people knowing who you are and the services you offer. If possible, make a habit of using Twitter and Google + as they CAN affect your website page rankings. YouTube is another area people often forget about. Yes, YouTube can help search engine rankings. People love viewing videos, will vote for videos and will share videos on their social media outlets. It gives prospects and clients a face and personality to relate to.

    Update All Contact Info

    To start an Omaha SEO Campaign we spend a week or so cleaning up the website structure, installing tracking software and correcting any company information within directories. Several directories require sections to be filled out completely before publishing. Several company owners are not aware of this and presume that since they put the company name, phone number and address on the directory they are finished. This is not always the case. Several directories require website, hours, services description, pictures and videos. It is important to fill in any and every section that gives you the option. The completed information can set you apart from your competitors whom have not filled out the recommended sections. Below are a few areas to be sure to fill out within directories.

    • Maps
    • Hours of Operation
    • Employee Name (Point of Contact)
    • Email
    • Website
    • Promotions (Great area for first time customers)
    • Pictures (Employees, Products, Company-Storefront)
    • Videos (How your company is different, product demonstrations, service descriptions and testimonials)
    Tip: Testimonials are a great thing to add to directory listings, as those shopping will appreciate hearing your company offers great customer service and products. Videos can have a HUGE impact on an Omaha SEO Campaign. Are you shy? There are several companies that will create the content of the video and perform the acting within the video for you. You receive access to all rights of the video for your company.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Do you have questions on how to create content? If so, contact our SEO Team at (402) 522-6468. We’re love helping client capture their clients in the moment they are searching for them. We believe in working smart and follow the rules within the SEO world to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

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