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Omaha Web Design_Big Red SEOWhen it comes to making sales on your company website, few pages are more important than your contact page. Of course every area of your website is important, but your contact page is truly the make-or-break point in the sales funnel. This is the one area where your business comes into direct contact with potential customers, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong during that interaction.

Take a moment to think about all the different things a contact form can do on your website—it can be a question form that turns a frustrated user into an advocate for your brand, a platform for new partnership inquiries or other business opportunities, and, most importantly, a channel for turning site visitors into customers. If you want your company’s contact page to harness its power for relationship-building and sales, our Omaha web design experts at Big Red SEO will walk you through some of the best contact page design secrets to make that happen.

The Contact Page—Less Than an Afterthought

Clearly the contact page can do a lot for your company if you take the time to design it correctly, but for many businesses, this aspect of their Omaha web design is less than an afterthought. Most contact pages that we here at Big Red SEO see are no more than an impersonal series of boxes that ask for too much of the wrong kind of information, without spelling out the value that visitors will receive by filling it out. So when you’re in the midst of redesigning your website’s contact page, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Simpler is Better for Increased Conversions

People are generally turned off when faced with a long form to fill out. When an Omaha web design company includes form fields that are unnecessary and don’t make sense for the information being requested from your visitor, chances are that they won’t take the time to give you the information you want.

So take a good long look at your current contact page and start cutting fields that aren’t needed. (If you aren’t planning on calling them, why are you asking for their daytime phone number?) Here’s an interesting tidbit to give you an idea of where your contact page should be: a recent study by HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella found that conversions increased by almost 50% when a contact page reduced its fields from four to three. Shorter really is better if you want more leads coming in the door!

Note: While shorter contact forms yield more conversions, that’s not the only indicator of success. You may end up wanting fewer, more qualified conversions, and in that case a slightly longer contact form may be necessary.

2. Reduce Friction Wherever Possible

When taking a potential customer through the sales funnel, it’s good for your Omaha web designer to reduce points of friction wherever possible. What do we mean by friction? That anywhere a visitor could get confused, annoyed, bored, agitated, you make an effort to smooth over those interactions and make them as easy as possible to navigate.

Our Omaha web design team at Big Red SEO often suggests setting your contact form as a static element on each page of your website. The theory behind this is that you never know when someone will make the switch from just being curious about your service to wanting to hire you or buy your product, and you don’t want to leave them searching for a contact form when they do. If your contact form is always available, your visitors are always one step closer to conversion.

3. Create a Sense of Trust

There are a lot of ways to create trust between you and your visitor, and we’ve talked about a few of them already—things like not asking for too much information that you aren’t going to use, explaining the value of what you’re offering before asking for the sale, and making the structure of your sales funnel as friction-free as possible (which simply means making a visitor’s experience of your Omaha web design pleasant and useful in every detail).

One other helpful way to increase a visitor’s trust in you and your brand is through use of carefully crafted microcopy. Microcopy is just what it sounds like, those short snippets of text on your web pages that help user experience. Often they’re tiny pieces of instructional or clarifying text that appear alongside text fields in your contact form to explain why you’re asking for certain information (e.g., “Provide a phone number for shipping questions”) or what the next steps in the process will be.

Focusing on honing your microcopy helps user experience by making it easier for visitors to understand the sales process. And because visitors see that you’ve taken the time to explain things clearly in ways they understand, they’ll probably see you as more trustworthy, too.

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As you can see, a lot of thought and effort goes into optimizing contact pages in Omaha web design. Here at Big Red SEO, our team knows that search engine optimization and user-focused web design go hand in hand. That’s why we specialize not only in getting your business noticed by potential customers on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, but also in improving user experience once they get to your site. Give our Omaha web design team a call today at (402) 522-6468 to get started!

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