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There are many web designers in the world, there are even a few hundred in Omaha Nebraska!

But the reality is, there are only a couple dozen designers in Omaha that build websites as their full-time job!

There are less than a dozen that has a physical office storefront location!

Then there is Big Red SEO!  We have an office you can walk into and chat with our staff. We are physically located in Omaha. Our designers are ON-SITE and not outsourced to California, New York or India.  We are true Web Designers in Omaha!

Unlike most SEO Companies in the Omaha area, we are a Search Engine Marketing company first, and an Omaha Web Design company second. Often times, our clients are companies that need their web design fixed, or are people who are looking for a website makeover.

How We’re Different at Big Red SEO

When you contact a web design company in Omaha Nebraska in particular, you’ll find that they don’t list their prices on the web. In most cases, these are design firms that have a high overhead, fancy offices in prominent locations, and 10-15 people on staff.

Generally, these firms will not even talk to a client unless the design project is estimated at a minimum $10,000.

We have an entirely different approach to web design and customer service. We prefer to offer our customers designs based on templates rather than custom designed web pages as this significantly reduces the price for web services, but if you need a custom solution – we can help!

In many cases, you’ll find that the web designs that we offer are reasonably priced under $1,000. If you’re on a really tight budget and need just a single web page, we can build it too.

More than 80% of our clients who contracted us to build a website for them have their websites built on the Content Management System called WordPress. WordPress is a blog program, but it can be customized to your heart’s content, allowing the client to make their own web page updates, generate new pages, change navigation and upload or remove pictures and text at their own convenience and without additional charges.

Most web design companies build what is called a STATIC PAGE or standard HTML Website. With these pages, if you require an edit in the future, you’ll need to re-contact the developer. Unfortunately, while they’ll be happy to make the changes for you, you can also expect to see an invoice of up to $75/hour for the changes being made.

With WordPress, you can remove the middle man and update the content of the page yourself. Our staff is happy to make the updates for you if you would like, but we have found that most customers prefer the ability to make their own changes free of charge.

Tips to Stay Away from when Choosing a Web Designer

Keep an eye out for web developers that try and steer you towards FLASH for a web design. You can spot these designers and their website designs pretty easily, as they’re also the same people that play music and often have spinning, flipping or flying objects on their web page.

These same designers charge a premium to develop the pages in Flash, but again, you’ll need to contact them should you ever need a change made on your website.

Flash is also not able to be displayed on the iPad and many Cell Phones and is also not able to be indexed by search engines for your visitors to find you on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Your website should serve three purposes:

  • Be informative to your visitors
  • Be attractive to visitors
  • Be indexable by Search Engines

If you’re missing any of these items, you need a new designer and site developer. At Big Red SEO, our primary focus is on Search Engine Optimization with our primary customers located in Omaha. This allows us to have face to face meetings and make sure that both yourself and our staff are on the same page when designing and developing your project.

If you are not local, no worries! We travel often to help those long-distance projects.

What most designers forget about is the SEO portion of things, such as the actual ranking of your website in search engines, and ranking your website will beat your competition and make you more money.

After all, that’s the goal of a website right?

Call our design team today at (402) 522-6468 or use the contact form on this page. You’ll be more than satisfied with our work!

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