Is Organic SEO Traffic Better Than Paid Traffic?

December 8, 2015
by Kimberly Treacy
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Direct, social, paid and organic SEO traffic are the main labels used to identify visitors to a website. Direct traffic refers to visitors who type a website’s URL directly into their browser. Social traffic are visitors that come through a link on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Paid traffic comes from PPC or other ads, while organic traffic refers to visitors who search Google and then click through one of the results.

Of the different forms of online traffic, the two that are most often compared are paid and organic SEO traffic. The reason that this comparison comes up so frequently is with Google and Bing, both types of listings appear on the same page. Because we know this is a topic that many Omaha business owners are interested in, we’re going to share exactly what we think based on our extensive online marketing experience.

The Double-Edged Sword of Paid Traffic

The biggest appeal of online PPC ads is they can start sending traffic to a website in a very short amount of time. All that’s required to get paid traffic is setting up an account, creating an ad, setting a bid for the ad and then entering your credit card number. Once the ad is approved, it will go live and start generating clicks.

While that process is simple enough, the important thing to understand is clicks don’t equal conversions. Add to that the high costs per click in most industries, and you have a recipe for burning through a significant amount of money in no time. Unless someone happens to have a strong background in paid online advertising, it can be very hard to make PPC campaigns profitable.

Why Organic SEO Traffic is Worth the Work

Not only is paid traffic expensive and often impossible to make profitable, but it’s not something that builds value over time. Regardless of what a business does with its paid campaigns, the business will still need to pay for every single click. One of the numerous advantages of organic traffic is once rankings are established, maintaining them only requires a modest amount of ongoing attention.

Another advantage of organic SEO traffic is with a single page or blog post that’s properly optimized for search engines, a business can reach a large pool of people from a variety of searches. Organic traffic also offers a level of trust that’s not always present with paid traffic. And given the increasing number of people using ad-blockers on computers and mobile devices, organic rankings are a more reliable way to reach potential customers.

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Kimberly Treacy


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