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A Poor Web Design Will Hurt Your Omaha Business

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    If a business wants to thrive, they need a strong online presence. And the core of any strong online presence is a website. However, as many Omaha businesses discover from their own experiences, not all websites are created equal. If a business has a poor web design, not only can it hold them back, but it can actively hurt them. Specifically, a low quality web design will make a business look unprofessional and cause it to miss out on many potential customers.

    Since web design problems have immediate consequences, this is an issue that businesses need to address as soon as possible. So if you’re in the position of having a problem with the current web design of your business, it’s crucial to prioritize its redesign.

    How to Get Started with a Business Website Redesign

    Once a business owner knows that they need a new design for their website, their first question is often what they need to do to get the redesign process started. While a business will definitely need to find the right team to help them create the new website, there’s actually a step that should be done before that.

    The very first step a business owner should take is putting aside some time in their busy schedule to think about what the new website should accomplish. Although planning will definitely be part of the formal redesign process, the reason a business owner should think about this issue first is to ensure the new site stays on the right track.

    If someone dives into a redesign without first thinking about their business, it’s easy to miss out on some key components of the new site. So by taking the time to really think about what the site needs to accomplish, it becomes much easier to ensure that all future decisions support that goal.

    So, what exactly does a business website need to accomplish? For most businesses, the answer is to attract as many targeted visitors as possible, and then provide a clear path for those visitors to become leads or customers. By setting that goal and then pursuing a redesign that supports it, a business will be able to reap the benefits of having a website that has a direct impact on its bottom line.

    5 Reasons to Update to a Responsive Web Design

    If you determine that you want your new Omaha business website to be focused on converting targeted visitors into leads or customers, you are going to want to work with a web design company that can create a quality responsive website design for you. What the term responsive design refers to is a website that can automatically adjust to a screen of any size.

    Why is it so important for modern business websites to have a responsive design? The first reason is it’s what Google recommends. In fact, Google has taken steps to maximize the visibility of responsive websites in their mobile search results. So if you want to help maximize your search engine rankings in Google, responsive design is a must.

    If you’re wondering why Google is so in favor of responsive design, it’s directly tied to the second reason to go with this type of web design. In 2015, more people than ever before are using mobile devices like phones and tablets to get online. Although the smaller screen sizes of these devices can present challenges, that’s exactly where responsive design really shines.

    Instead of limiting mobile visitors to a watered down experience, responsive design ensures that a site is just as easy to use on a small screen as it is on one that’s 24” in size. By having a website that works great on mobile devices, Omaha businesses can ensure that they aren’t missing out on a group of visitors that continues to grow.

    The third reason that responsive web design is the best choice for modern websites is it’s easy to manage and update. In the past, some sites created separate versions for mobile devices. But not only were those mobile versions less than ideal in terms of usability, but they also meant that multiple codebases had to be maintained.

    The need for multiple codebases meant that businesses and web designers had to spend additional time just managing the different versions of a site. And whenever updates were needed, things got even more complicated. Responsive design eliminates this obstacle by putting all the code in one file.

    Not only does responsive web design make it possible to adjust to all screen sizes from a single CSS file, but it actually provides a superior experience. The excellent user experience offered by responsive design is the fourth reason that this style is the way for Omaha businesses to go. Thanks to the way that this type of design resizes, visitors on small screens will still be able to read all the content and easily navigate to exactly what they want.

    Last but not least, responsive design makes it easy to optimize an Omaha business website around conversions. Whether a conversion for your business is getting a visitor to submit their email address or to complete a transaction, utilizing responsive website design technology means you can make that task as easy to complete as possible on any screen size.

    Boost Your Business with a New Web Design from Big Red SEO

    Although it’s alarming to realize that your current website may be actively hurting your Omaha business, the good news is this is a problem that you can start to remedy right away. The solution to the problem is to work with Big Red SEO to create a great new responsive design for your site. By overhauling and updating your site, you can be confident that it’s optimized to help your business grow instead of holding it back.

    To start the conversation about getting a redesign underway, you can get in touch with us to set up a consultation by calling (402) 522-6468.

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