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Do Press Releases Still Work for SEO in 2014?

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    Quite often we receive questions regarding the validity of using press releases as part of an search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. To finish the year strong, we thought it would be helpful for businesses throughout Omaha and the rest of the world to know our stance on this action item. When it comes to press releases and SEO, we don’t think it’s a smart strategy. In fact, this hasn’t been a strategy that we’ve used or recommended for a very long time.

    While that single paragraph answers this question, we know plenty of readers may be wondering why we feel that way. If you want to know why Big Red SEO has a bearish stance on using press releases for SEO, keep reading to find out.

    Press Releases for SEO: 3 Key Reasons They Don’t Work

    The first reason that no Omaha business should pursue this strategy is because Google has explicitly taken a stance against it. Matt Cutts, who is the head of Google’s webspam team, announced last year that press releases have no value for SEO rankings.

    The second reason that press releases for SEO are a bad idea is because they’re an unnatural way of building links. Since Google commonly penalizes sites for unnatural link building, this strategy comes with the risk of losing all current rankings.

    Finally, attempting to use press releases to increase search engine rankings gets in the way of using a press release for something that’s actually valuable.

    There Is Still Value in Press Releases

    While we don’t recommend them for the purpose of building links, Big Red SEO does still use press releases. The reason press releases are still in our online marketing tool belt is because when they’re used correctly, they can lead to real press coverage. Specifically, press releases need to be written around an event that’s actually press worthy. They also need to get syndicated to the right sources. By using press releases in this way, it becomes possible to increase brand awareness. What’s great is improved search engine rankings are a common side effect of increasing brand awareness.

    (402) 522-6468 is the Number to Call for SEO Advice You Can Trust

    The world of SEO is constantly changing. Based on the fact that several of strategies you’ll come across online are now long outdated, it’s important to have a trustworthy expert on your side. At Big Red SEO, we put a lot of work into staying on top of the changes Google makes. And since we know how often Google changes, we focus on strategies with a long-term track record of success. If you want to ensure that your Omaha business website is in good hands, call us today at (402) 522-6468 to set up a consultation.

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