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Productivity Hacks from the Mind of an Omaha SEO Company

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    Here at Big Red SEO, productivity is the only option. We have to stay productive if we want to continue growing. Between balancing new projects, current clients, keeping track of Google’s latest updates, and all those other “internal matters” that come right along with running a successful Omaha SEO Company, wasting time is not an option. Whether you manage a business or just want to make your life run more smoothly, these five and powerful productivity hacks will help you get more out of every day.

    Productivity Hack 1. Apply the 80/20 principle

    Productivity 101 here, yet many people don’t do it. The 80/20 rule says that 80% of the total output comes from 20% of the total input. Conversely, 80% of the total input only generates 20% of the total input. To ensure optimal productivity, your job is to figure out what tasks you (or others) do that have the highest impact on your bottom line. Then, you need to spend as much time on those tasks as possible and delegate the low-impact 80% to someone else. In other words, pay attention to what people are best at, and try to ensure they’re spending as much time as possible doing exactly that.

    At Big Red SEO, this means that our graphic designers are focused on graphic design, that our writers are focused on producing great content, and that our Omaha SEO experts are focused on search engine optimization. We try to limit administrative tasks to people who are gifted at administration. This all sounds obvious, but again, this way everyone is doing what they’re best at and operations run more efficiently.

    The 80/20 principle takes practice. For most of us, the default is to be controlling. You have to deliberately choose not to waste your time on tasks that someone else can do at least 80% as well as you can.

    Productivity Hack 2. Create systems

    Systems are crucial for efficiently completing Omaha SEO campaigns, but they have use in just about every business. They’re what allow you to automate your business and spend your time on that high-impact 20% of tasks only you can do. The businesses with the best systems flourish…Just look at McDonald’s.

    Going back to the first tip, systems are how you enable others to do the low-impact 80% side of the 80/20 principle. You create systems to automate as many of those low-impact activities as possible, and to streamline decision-making in the workplace.

    That being said, creating systems takes time. No new business starts by offering franchise opportunities. You lay the groundwork first, learning what works and what doesn’t. Then and only then do you start building the systems to make it run smoothly on its own. The best time to start creating systems is once you’ve put the 80/20 principle into practice.

    You can create systems for just about anything. New employee training, customer service and sales are all areas where systems are commonly applied. Can you think of any unique ways you could utilize systems in your business or life?

    Productivity Hack 3. Practice communication

    Speaking of practice, communication skills don’t come naturally, but they’re still crucial for us at Big Red SEO to complete projects efficiently. More effective communication means more time spent moving forward and less time spent catching up. Effective communication is clear, direct, and goal-oriented. It takes practice to develop those traits.

    Here are a few tips we implement at Big Red SEO that you can use to start improving your communication skills today:

    • When you communicate with people, make it clear what you want to happen next.
    • Go into meetings and phone calls with an objective and a timeline.
    • Stop saying, “I don’t know,” and start stating solutions.

    These are just three examples, but you’re sure to find other ways to hone your communication skills as you keep practicing.

    Productivity Hack 4. Encourage pro-activity

    Last, but not least, encourage productivity among your peers and/or employees. This removes productivity bottlenecks, and makes sure that everyone has the freedom to do their job as well and efficiently as possible.

    Again, many of us are controlling by nature. We like to have our hands in every single cookie jar. But! If you want to be truly productive, you need to let other people put their unique skills to good use, as well.

    Stop assuming other people aren’t as smart as you are (a supreme challenge, I know), and start actually delegating responsibilities. Encourage independent problem solving. Promote productivity with physical rewards or positive affirmation and praise.

    A Final Note on Practicing Productivity

    To finish up this glimpse into our personal productivity hacks, here’s a tip for implementation:

    Instead of trying to do all of these productivity hacks at once, start with the 80/20 principle and put it into practice today. As in, right now. You don’t build good work habits by procrastinating, so start looking for ways to optimize your time ASAP. The extra hours are there – you just have to look for them. If we can do it here at Big Red SEO, so can you. If you need help implementing these practices into your business, or simply want to talk SEO, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call today at (402) 522-6468. We are happy to help!

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