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You need a website to get clients. But, are you ready?

Imagine, you have all the paperwork for the business completed and you’re officially ready to start doing business.

You know you need a website so you can get clients.

You know have to purchase a domain name. And, there’s web hosting. And, an SSL?

Where do you go to find answers?

How do you understand the core structure of how all these online presence things work together with the website?

Then, there’s the design! Oh, my!

You elect to throw a request for “website designers” on social media.

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless list of names and companies to contact, you freeze!


If I had to make an assumption, I’d say that it’s because you put the cart before the horse.

As a website designer myself, I can tell you that I love creating websites, but not all companies are ready for the “let’s create a website design” phase.

*screeching tires*

I know! I know! A designer telling you that you may not need the exact thing I’m selling may sound a bit hokey, but there’s a method behind my madness.

Here’s the deal.

I can create a beautiful, easy-to-use, modern website design that converts sales.

It can literally do the sales process for you through automation, but, and this is a big BUT, you have to know these few things;

Are you serious about starting your business?

Are you ready to jump in with at this new venture you have?

If you’re not, you may not be ready for a website design, or an online presence!

I know. I know.

Some of you are like, “What? I mean isn’t this half backward! You should do the website and then you should do the rest of the marketing pieces.”

Many will go that direction but hang in there with me. Several of those people rarely plan for real success in a website or business launch.

I want to know if you’re truly serious. I know your website design is going to do its job and do it well. But, are you ready for it?

If we’ve met before, you know I’m all about working smarter and with intention.

Too many businesses owners or entrepreneurs, test the waters only putting their pinky toe in.

They say something along the lines of, “Oh, I’m launching a business, BUT I don’t expect it to be really running for two, maybe three years.”

Frankly, if you’re not serious about building the business and doing everything you can within your power to make it a success, I’m sorry to say, it may not be a success at all.

When you’re serious about launching your business and building a legacy, you start to ask different questions altogether.

For example, when I first meet with a business, before I pull out a pen and paper and start sketching, I ask questions.

What is the purpose of your website?

Usually, clients rattle off that they want to close deals, to get more business, or, to make the phones ring.

All of those are great answers; however, to do any of those, you have to create the business structure to handle the increased business!

While your website & marketing can make the phones ring, if your business is not ready, you’ll start to produce half-ass work.

You won’t follow up on the calls you’re receiving.

Your reputation will start to suffer.

And, you’ll realize having a kick-ass website could be the only good thing you’ve got at that point!

What do you want your website to do for you?

Several website designers will tell you what you need your website to do, rather than discussing the intention of the website.

These are the same web designers that are often very artistic and can, at times, come very off abrasive.

They’ll tell you not to have a phone number in the header of your website as visually it’s not appealing and they want clear landscape.

If this happens, you’ll more than likely tune in quickly with, “Well, wait, if I want people to call me, shouldn’t I have a phone number at the top of my website?”

They’ll brush it off and say something ego-driven like, “I’ve created over 222+ website designs and none of them have a phone number.”

Alternatively, they may use the “That is a very dated technique in the website design, it’s so 90’s.”

If you want your website to make your phone ring, put the damn phone number in the header!

Top right of your website!

Make it big enough to read!

We recommend bigger than the font size, and for the love of cheese, make sure you answer the damn phone!

I cannot recall how many situations where people have the phone number on their website, ideal clients call, and they don’t pick up the call to convert them right there.

What’s the website for?

If you want your website to close more deals, make sure you put as much value-added information on the website.

Include your process.

Tell them what someone can expect from you and your team.
Depending on your sales process, put your pricing directly on the services page. This could save you time and reduce the tire-kickers.

If your business is seeking to have end-users schedule an inspection of their home, put a calendar where they can book a time.

At the very least, have a contact form that includes the functionality where they can click a specific day/time.

Implementing this simple option means when you receive the website contact form in your email, you’re not just looking at a name and phone number.

If they fill out the form with all the data you’ve requested, you know they’re serious about learning about your business, and they’re ready to do business.

This all leads to you getting MORE business you can convert over the phone or in-person.

What pisses you off with a website?

Believe it or not, pain or an area of suffering can lead you to a great website design. You probably cannot stand when a website loads slow!

I mean, who does, right?

But, if a slow loading website pisses you off, then more than likely you want to ensure your website is lightning fast in speed.

Alternatively, maybe you hate when a “pop-up” ad shows when you’re browsing a website.

So, you’ll want to ensure yours does not offer that.

Read Conor’s “How to piss me off in 3 seconds or less” or view his video here for a great rant session about pop-ups. Boy does he get worked up!

Explain things so a 9th grader can understand it.

If you’re like me, it always pisses me off when I go to a website, and after reading the content four times, I still don’t understand what the company does or offers.

This is a biggie for me!

I cannot, and will not, make a purchasing decision for a company if I don’t understand what I’m getting.

Many companies also have the habit of taking a super technical approach to content creation.

They run in circles with their messaging.

Be sure that you limit your industry jargon as it may lead to you increasing your bounce rate on accident.

Okay. Got it! Now what?

Overall, my point is, you may be ready for a website design, and you may not be ready!

My goal is to create your business a website design that works for you.

So, if you’re willing to chat about the few questions listed above, and you’re ready to expect success, give me a call at (402) 522.6468.

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