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Why RFPs for SEO Services Aren’t Effective

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    RFP_Big Red SEOAre you a company thinking about putting out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your Internet marketing, especially SEO? If so, it’s great that you realize your business website needs optimization so potential customers can find you more easily. The bad news is that putting out an RFP isn’t the way to go about looking for SEO services. Think about it: how would you expect a company to create a personalized marketing game plan in a 4 to 8 page RFP document without having a consultation meeting first?

    In our heartland city of Omaha, we pride ourselves on creating relationships with our clients that go above and beyond. Business owners expect to contact their partners as well as their service vendors on the phone or in person—it’s this sense of being right down the road that creates a personal connection with those we do business with and says “We’re here for you and we care.”

    When you deliver an RFP to a marketing company expecting them to deliver a complete strategy before having a one-on-one consultation, you’re making a mistake. We at Big Red SEO would compare this to running a race without knowing any of the conditions beforehand, like the distance, terrain, and weather conditions. These are all things you’d want to know before you start, and it’s the same with SEO services.

    As an SEO firm, we at Big Red SEO know that the first step to success in any marketing strategy is understanding the power of knowledge. Below, our SEO team has put together a few reasons why we believe that delivering an RFP to multiple SEO professionals is a big mistake.

    It’s all about price, right?

    No, it really isn’t, but when an RFP is delivered with strict requirements about sharing an SEO company’s best strategies and campaign pricing, price is put at the forefront.

    In typical cases, the RFPs received are immediately organized based on cost, least to most expensive. You may be shaking your head right now, but the reality is that while you and your company know the budget for your campaign, rarely is that information ever provided to the SEO consultants asked to deliver a solution. This doesn’t make sense on a number of levels.

    Often the most expensive proposals are taken off the table immediately, without considering the strategy those proposals advocate. This can be a mistake, as this puts the cart before the horse—price should always be a secondary concern to the value of the strategy and service, because a quality SEO strategy is what will put your business ahead of the game in the long term.

    When we talk about value we mean things like the SEO company’s experience, knowledge, and ethics. A great SEO strategy consultation will leave you feeling like you have a knowledgeable partner who will guide you through the process, keep in communication to answer your questions and explain what they’re doing, and you’ll leave the meeting feeling enthusiastic and empowered about the new strategy!

    Deliver Me $$ Without a Consultation Call or Meeting

    If you’re of the mindset that an SEO company can deliver an actionable plan to help your business without sitting down to talk to you first, we’re here to tell you that this approach isn’t likely to work. You see, any SEO company that’s truly invested in seeing your online business presence expand and improve has to know who you are, what you’re doing today that’s either working or not, and what your goals for the future are in order to craft an effective strategy. “Craft” is the imperative word here—a professional SEO company doesn’t deal in cookie cutter plans or one-size-fits-all strategies that can be delivered quickly via an RFP. Instead, we take the time to get to know your business inside and out, and though this takes a bit more time and effort on both of our parts, it’s time and effort well spent.

    A Final Word on Industry Exclusivity

    When sending out an RFP to multiple SEO companies, you can’t be sure that those companies offer industry exclusivity. What is industry exclusivity? It’s only the most important ethical rule in the SEO field, and it means simply this: while you’re the client of an SEO company that offers industry exclusivity, they will not work with your competitors in the same market. This way you can be sure that the company is putting their full time and attention into your strategy, and not then repackaging that winning strategy to sell to the companies you’re trying to outrank.

    Big Red SEO is the only SEO company in the region to offer industry exclusivity—we want your company to rise to the top of the search engine rankings, and, like The Highlander, there can be only one! In our opinion, doing business in SEO any other way is simply dishonest.

    Contact Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468 Today!

    At Big Red SEO, we strive to deliver the best SEO and design solutions for our clients. At times, SEO might not be the best fit, and with us, we’ll tell you what the best avenue of marketing should be based on your needs. While SEO is a form of marketing, there’s much more to it! If you’re interested in a personalized and industry exclusive SEO strategy to help rise above your competition, contact us today at (402) 522-6468!

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