Search Engine Optimization Expert Kim Treacy Says Quit Your Day Job
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New Start-up? 3 Reasons to Quit Your Day Job!

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    When launching a new business, it can be scary to put both feet in the water. As a Search Engine Optimization Expert, I am well aware that small business owners will find they wear multiple hats in the business until they reach a comfortable growth pattern to hire new people. In most cases, new business owners become a master at new tasks such as marketing basics, balancing their company finances, and exceeding company sales goals. The one fact that’s clear is that you have to be dedicated to a plan.

    As a business owner, the 40 hour work week will become a thing of the past. While you will look forward to the weekend, you may find your mind steered to the business. You might even face the unique challenge of discovering an additional business adventure due to the energy level and enthusiasm of your company launch. As a Search Engine Optimization Omaha expert, that’s my favorite part of working with entrepreneurs — the possibility of a dream!

    So if you have both feet in the water while wearing multiple hats, what happens when you’re still working your “day” job? If you’re setting goals and holding yourself accountable, you should be meeting and exceeding the growth milestones of your new start-up. As they say, “failure to plan is planning to fail!”

    Ideally, you will want to work in your new career full-time. However, when you have bills to pay it might seem ideal to stick with your full-time job. I’m here to tell you that this thinking is the biggest mistake you’ll make and here’s why!

    The Commitment - Work Smarter, Not Harder

    There’s a commitment you make to yourself and your family when creating a new start-up company. A new energy level will come and you’ll find you can accomplish more in fewer hours than you ever thought possible. Right out the gate, you’ll find yourself determined to work smarter, not harder, as every minute of every day counts for something. 

    SEO expert shares, "you'll find yourself determined to work smarter, not harder, as every minute of every day counts for something"

    You’ll notice that the days you dreaded going to work disappear and the love of what you do will become second nature. When I jumped in with both feet as a Search Engine Optimization expert the commitment level was quite impressive. Soon I hope you will develop the mentality that “failure is not an option.”

    Dedication Will Become Second Nature

    While the similarities of commitment can be the same, dedication will become second nature. When working on your dream full time, the word “impossible” never enters your mind–instead, you become dedicated to every task on your to-do list.

    You will wear your logo with pride and carry out your mission statement with a loyalty that your clients will appreciate. To be quite honest, as a Search Engine Optimization expert who also does WordPress website design, it’s hard to be dedicated to more than one mission statement. While you may think having a second job is helping, you’re taking away from yourself by representing someone else’s brand. The worst part is that you will more than likely see the other employees as just a “job” which can lead to extreme burnout.

    Or with the time applied to your other job, you could sabotage your new start-up’s growth due to the lack of time in the day. As I mentioned above, when starting your own company the 40 hour work week will more than likely be a 60 to 80 hour work week during your launch time frame.

    SEO expert confesses, "Creating and running your own new start-up company will be a life changing experience"

    Live the American Dream!

    Everyone knows there are only so many hours in a day. When you are employed with anyone but yourself, you’re ultimately stealing time from your dream. If you have a family or other commitments, the hours you have to work a second job will become reduced leading to quick burnout.

    Creating and running your own new start-up company will be a life-changing experience. If you’re able to find the resources you need, in addition to being able to apply yourself full time to your new company’s tasks, you’ll find yourself meet and exceed the sales milestones you have set.

    We Would Love to Help You Live Your Dream!

    If you’d like to learn more tips on what I as a Search Engine Optimization expert would recommend for small business start-ups, feel free to contact me. While Big Red SEO specializes in Search Engine Optimization and WordPress website design, we also offer consulting services to small businesses to help you discover the resources needed to launch and run your small business efficiently.

    Want one-of-a-kind advice regarding SEO or WordPress website design? View our YouTube page here.

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