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SEO 101: 6 Simple Steps on How to Set Up a Business Facebook Page

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    As the best Omaha SEO company, we love teaching others how to do things for themselves. That’s why when we design a website for our clients, we also schedule training, a week or so after the website launch, to show them how to use their new website. Pretty neat, huh? We think so! Many website design companies in Omaha will want to keep full control over the website they create for you—we aren’t like that. But enough about websites, let’s talk about Facebook!

    What Does Social Media Have to Do with SEO?

    You probably know (or maybe you don’t) that social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, doesn’t have a direct effect on ranking your website in the search engines. While having an increased online presence should be your business’ ultimate goal, if you post on your business Facebook account, a search engine like Google can’t index what you publish there, as Facebook requires a username and password to gain access to information.

    If you’re starting to freak out a bit, don’t worry, search engine optimization and social media complement each other quite nicely as you can capture different markets for potential customers.

    How To Maximize Your Online Presence

    With your social media business pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, you will be provided an option to place your company website in your social media account ultimately turning it into a “referral link.” Remember, the goal with search engine optimization is to get your company out into the world wide web to let potential customers know the services you offer. Most times you’re not selling via these avenues, you’re branding, or gaining social awareness.

    “I Don’t Use Social Media So Neither Does My Company!”

    At Omaha SEO Experts, we often hear smaller companies state that they don’t use social media for personal activities, so they don’t believe having a business social media account will add any value to their marketing efforts. The main problem with this mindset is that we are living in a very technology-focused world. Think about it, if you’re standing in a long line at the local grocery store, how many people have their cell phones out? The majority of them will be more than likely checking their newsfeeds on Facebook, Twitter pages, or both (everyone else is playing Candy Crush or Farmville). Believe it or not, the same happens in the business world. For example, here at Big Red SEO, one of the first areas our Omaha SEO experts ask for recommendations for is services and/or products via social media platforms.

    Work Smarter – Link Your Social Media Accounts and Company Website

    If your company is not currently linking your social media pages on your website to your accounts or vice versa you may be hurting your business more than helping. Companies that are not active in social media are often marked as “old” or “behind the times.” Search engine optimization and social media marketing are here to stay, so be sure to capture your ideal audience any way you see possible.

    Below, our search engine optimization experts in Omaha will take you through the step-by-step process of setting up your business Facebook page. Follow along, we promise it’ll be painless!

    Steps for Creating your Business Facebook Page

    1. First, you’ll need to navigate to the URL and create a Facebook account by signing up in the boxes provided. Once that’s been done, you can move on to the next steps (so far, so good?).

    Facebook sign up

    2. Choose a category for your business. There are six different categories to choose from.

    • Entertainment
    • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
    • Company, Organization, or Institution
    • Cause or Community
    • Brand or Product
    • Local Business or Place

    This category will help others search for your company, so be accurate. How do you want people to find your company?

    3. Next, you’ll need to enter all of your business information.


    After you’ve done this, we recommend completing the optional steps below as well. The more you have done, the better your page will look, and people will be more interested in clicking and “liking” your page.

    • Upload a photo or company logo. It should be about 180×180 pixels but shows up as 160×160 pixels.
    • Fill in your “About” section. This needs to be filled promptly, otherwise, people will see your page, but they won’t know who you are or what you do.

    Are you still with me?

    4. Be sure to utilize the “Admin Panel” tool–this is a great tool that assists you in managing your page, as well as gathering statistics, including how many visits and “likes” you received on certain posts and pictures.

    • You can edit the page in the upper right corner to “update info” in any of your sections
    • You can manage your other page administrator roles here as well
    • Under “Edit Page” you can see your notifications and add permissions
    • “See Insights” is an option in the admin panel also located in the top right corner. This is where you can monitor your Facebook page “likes,” engagement, and who you are reaching. How cool is that?

    5. Put content on the page–this is an important step because without content you might as well have not bothered to make a page at all because no one will know who you are or what you do, and they certainly won’t bother liking your page.

    • First, add a cover photo. The dimensions are 851×315 pixels
    • You can customize and have different tabs like photos, prices, projects, etc.
    • Post relevant information about your industry on your “wall”
    • Watch how people react to your posts and respond to them when they comment

    6. The last step is to gain followers! Invite your friends and contacts to like your page and share it by using the “Build Audience” drop-down menu located at the top right of the admin panel. Read our blog from our Omaha SEO experts about gaining a Facebook following here.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468

    Now you know! As a white hat SEO company, we hope our set-up process was helpful and easy to follow. However, if you have any additional questions regarding the features of your business Facebook page or our search engine optimization services, feel free to call us at (402) 522-6468 or contact us via our online form so we can point you in the right direction. We want to bring your website out of hiding and into the top rankings of search engines!

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