SEO and Online Search with Google
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SEO and the Way Consumers Search Online

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    When Omaha business owners first get serious about SEO, it’s common for them to feel overwhelmed. The reason this reaction is so common is because there are many different facets to successful SEO. From on-page optimization to keeping up with the latest Google updates, it can feel like a neverending list of things to figure out. Because there is so much that goes into doing search engine optimization right, many Omaha businesses turn to Big Red SEO for help.

    While we have a lot of experience in the field of SEO, keeping up with the latest changes is still a big part of our job. One of the biggest mistakes that any business can make is blindly sticking with the same search engine optimization strategies without confirming that they’re still the most effective. Making those types of assumptions is what causes businesses to lose ground to competitors who are staying on top of the best current strategies. Avoiding that type of scenario is why we spend so much time analyzing data and reading the latest industry news.

    A recent post that we read from industry publication Search Engine Land covered quite a bit of interesting data about how people search online. Since understanding this type of behavior is very useful for Omaha business owners who want to know more about the behavior of their potential customers, we want to share some of the highlights with you now:

    How Many Words Do People Use When Searching Google?

    Keyword research is a central component of search engine optimization. By doing keyword research, businesses can identify keyword phrases that are worth targeting. While the exact criteria for what makes a keyword worthwhile to target can vary, search volume, competitiveness and commercial viability are all factors that are usually all taken into account.

    In the past, a lot SEO was centered around trying to rank for short searches like cars or insurance. Although short phrases often generate a lot of search volume, there are two main issues to keep in mind. The first is that these phrases are generally very competitive. As a result, it may not be realistic for a small business to compete with a large corporation for these specific terms. However, smaller businesses can gain an edge with more targeted SEO strategies.

    The other issue with really short phrases is that even though they can generate a lot of traffic, that doesn’t automatically mean that the traffic is highly targeted. As countless businesses have learned, just because someone types cars into Google doesn’t mean that they’re actively in the process of wanting to buy a car right now.

    Seeing the value in targeting longer search phrases is something that the data published on Search Engine Land backed up. The research found that half of searchers use 2-3 words when searching, while the other half use at least 4 words. The reason for the former is they want to quickly perform a search and see if they can find their answer. If they can’t, they’ll perform a second search that is more specific.

    With the other half of online users, they use a more specific search from the start. The main reason is they’ve found that typing a few more words when they first search is the easiest way to find exactly what they want. So because half of searchers always type longer queries, and the other half is still likely to do so during a subsequent search, it’s easy to see why going after highly targeted longer keyword phrases can be the ideal way to connect with a very specific audience.

    Do People Ask Questions to Google?

    Over the last few years, technology like Siri has provided a way for people to ask questions and promptly get answers. While Siri and similar technology is still far from perfect, it presents an interesting topic related to online searching behavior. When a business is having a new blog post written or creating a new page for their site, they often want to know if it makes sense for the addition to take the form of a question and answer.

    Based on research into online searching behavior, creating content that poses a question and then provides an answer can attract very targeted searchers. The reason is that 27% of searches are phrased in the form of a question. Out of all the words used to start a search question, how is the most common.

    This finding ties in well with a common best practice for coming up with new content ideas. Since most Omaha businesses receive plenty of questions from potential and current customers, using those questions as the basis for new blog posts is a great way to produce really valuable content.

    The Expert SEO Team You Can Count On For Results: (402) 522-6468

    There’s a lot that goes into creating and consistently executing an effective SEO strategy. Not only do you need to identify and understand your target market, but there are lots of technical matters that need to be handled properly to avoid any ranking issues. On top of that, it’s important to keep up with the latest changes and strategies to avoid losing a competitive edge.

    Since there is so much that goes into search engine optimization, the good news is this isn’t a subject you have to figure out alone. If you’re already busy enough with all the other aspects of your Omaha business, Big Red SEO can take care of your search engine optimization needs.

    Because SEO, web design and online marketing are what we do every day of the week, we have the resources and team in place to handle exactly what your business needs. So whether you’re interested in an audit of your existing SEO efforts, need great content published on a consistent basis or are thinking about updating to a responsive web design, Big Red SEO is here to provide our expert help.

    If you want to speak with us in detail about what you want to accomplish through SEO for your business, you can easily schedule a free consultation by calling us at (402) 522-6468.

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