SEO Audit & Competitors Analysis

Website Audit & Competition Review

How is your website currently ranking in Google? More importantly, are you receiving quality, conversions with your existing website and online presence? If you don’t know these answers, you need an SEO Audit!

Too many people set up a website and hold the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy. The internet does not work this way. Marketing doesn’t work that way! Even if you have the greatest website ever designed with all the bells and whistles, if it’s not optimized correctly for search engines or promoted well, your ideal clients and potential prospects will never find it.

Prior To Launching An SEO Or AdWords Campaign

Before we start any project, the first thing we must ensure is that the website is actually ready to receive traffic. If the website is not available to convert those visitors into sales, then we have a problem on our hands as once we start our SEO processes or AdWords, traffic will begin going to the website.

Why invest in research? When done correctly and efficiently, research with an online and search engine optimization focus can deliver you the upper hand when it comes to building an online presence.

We’re really good at taking a look behind the curtain and under the hood when it comes to industries, companies, and competitors. Several Big Red SEO clients have found they can apply the results of our talents to many marketing avenues such as social media, AdWords, etc.

How Do SEO Audits Work?

With all SEO services, we always start with some aspect of research. Why? We enjoy getting killer results and enjoy delivering our clients a return on investment for what we’ve been hired to perform.

With all of our audit services, if the synergy is a match, we’ll share where we can help you grow your online presence and next steps in qualifying to become a Big Red SEO client. Energy, passion, and synergy are critical for us, and while you and your business may be super awesome, we wish to ensure we can work together for a long-term partnership.

If you’re looking for quick or cheap search engine optimization results or not-approved tricks to manipulate the search engines, we will not be the ideal partner for you.

Get Started Today – Website Review Consultation

For a limited time we’ve slashed our $200 basic review audit to $0. That’s right, we’ll run an in-house basic website audit on your existing site and schedule a 15-minute call to review the results, and the cost is $0 (FREE).

With this valuable information will you understand what is needed to improve the ranking of your web pages in the search engines.

Ready to move forward? Schedule your FREE website review consultation.

More Research, More Results – Our Advanced Audit

Ready to dive deeper into research from an SEO perspective? Check out our Advanced Audit which includes deep research analysis and the following;

For a one-time investment we can ensure you’re educated on all fronts regarding your existing online presence, your industry, and your competitors.

Let’s get started? Click here to schedule your Advanced Research Audit or call us at (402) 522-6468.

Enhance SEO by using Local Keywords to attract the right audience

Frequently Asked Question For Our Audits

How Long Does A Website Audit Take?

The basic audit typically takes less than one business day to complete. 

The SEO Competitors Audit ranges between 5 to 7 business days. 

The Advanced SEO Audit typically takes between 10 to 15 business days to complete. 

Final completion date is determined by how quickly you deliver all resources and information we request from your end as well as how quick you communicate when we reach out. 

If you do not check your emails often, we’re happy to let this slide with the arrival of glazed donuts with chocolate on top! 

What Do I Receive With A Basic Website Audit?

For the Basic SEO audit, you will receive a 15-min phone consultation with Kim and Conor. We’ll verbally share the audit results and ensure we talk slow enough that you can take really great notes. Within our conversation, we’ll share basic search engine optimization tasks you can perform on your end as well as determine if we can help you grow your online presence.

What Is Included In The Competitors Online Presence Audit?

For the SEO Competitors Audit, we’ll schedule a 30-minute review call and explain the audit results in terms that you can understand. 

We’ll share top areas your top three competitors shine which can be replicated by your company, and we’ll show you where you can dominate your industry via internet marketing with a high focus on search engine optimization and Google Ads). 

We know that some are not research personalities, so we’ll create a one-of-a-kind workable report and an email in bullet point style email of the results and best next steps.

How Is The Advanced Audit Different Than Other Website Audits?

For the Advanced audit, we’ll dive deep into many areas of your online presence and business. 

We’ll schedule a one-hour phone call or video call if you wish to see our shiny faces. We’ll review all the fascinating results we found. This will include relevant keywords we would recommend with your SEO services, detailed areas your competitors are dropping the ball as industry leaders with their online presences as well as elements they have mastered which you can adapt and do better. 

We’ll share with you how you can become an industry leader as well as fix your website, so it is fully indexable by the search engines and loved by your ideal clients. 

We’ll keep the technical terms of search engine optimization to a minimum, yet, we’ll reveal to you what you need to know in growing your online presence through internet marketing; specifically search engine optimization and Google AdWords. 

We’ll send all reports your direction via email after our fun results call or video. The email will be jammed packed with things you can use in growing your online presence, and we’ll ensure you know with clarity how to move forward and what needs to happen next.

What If I Have Questions After My Audit Review Call or Video Meeting?

While we attempt to ensure you have a full understanding of the results we deliver we know that additional questions arise from time to time. Also, we understand that it may take some time to process the information we deliver. Alternatively, you might decide you wish us to share the impressive results we provided to you directly to your marketing team. 

We offer consulting packages for these very reasons. Our clients personally love the packages;

  • two-hours for $250
  • five-hours for $625
  • ten-hours for $1,250

With our consulting hours, we can answer any questions you have via email or phone call. If you wish us to answer in-person, we’re happy to deliver our travel package pricing.

The super duper cool thing about our consulting hours is, they can be used toward local and national search engine optimization services, Google AdWords campaigns, AdWords setups, and Ads management, full WordPress website designs, site content and image changes/updates, plugin updates, as well as coaching or mentoring sessions. 

What Is The “Bump” List? How Does It Work?

With our awesome time management and scheduling talents, we often create space within our days and weeks as we finish things early.

Instead of stressing out on how to fill that time, we created a “bump list”

How does the bump list work? When we finish a WordPress Website Design, Google AdWords Campaign or Search Engine Optimization Kickstarter Campaign early, existing projects get first dibs in starting their projects earlier than expected. 

If you’re next in line on the list, you’ll get contacted when we have extra time and be offered the chance to start your project early. You’ll have the option to start now, bump to the end of the list, or wait until your existing project start date.

If your local or national business need the results sooner, please let us know and we’ll get you added to our “ASAP” list. Extra investment may be required based on time frame.

I’m A Marketing Freelancer, Can I Purchase An Audit For My Clients?

Absolutely, we play really well with others as long as the synergy is right!

Our mission is for you to be armed with data that matters so you can get realistic results for your local and national clients.

When we finish the audit and schedule the results call, it’s up to you if you wish for the client to attend the call or if you’d like to take excellent notes and share the results directly to your client.

All reports and emails are branded as Big Red SEO, but you’re welcome to re-brand them with your company information.

If you need more assistance in explaining or learning aspects of SEO, we’re to happy offer you one of the following consulting packages;

  • five-hours for $625
  • ten-hours for $1,250

With our consulting hours, we can answer any questions you have via email or phone call. If you wish us to answer in-person, we’re happy to deliver our travel package pricing.