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SEO Company Asked Us to Help Them Rank!

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    SEO Company_Big Red SEOThere’s nothing like it when the competition comes knocking on the door asking for help regarding Omaha Search Engine Optimization! Really, this is something that both infuriates us and at the same time gives us great  joy. It’s not enough that we work hard on our own business, but then to have a person in the same industry (SEO) actually ask us how we do our job – that’s priceless!

    We were approached the other day by an “SEO company” who is also located in Omaha, Nebraska.  Their question really shocked us. They wanted to know how we did Search Engine Optimization, as they couldn’t figure it out for themselves. Their claim was that they could do SEO for their clients, but how did WE (Big Red SEO) perform search engine optimization so that our website was the number one ranking website in Omaha, Lincoln and various other cities in Nebraska.  Of course, we had a very basic answer- We perform SEO on our own company. The conversation went like this…

    Competition:  Hi Kim, I’ve been meaning to ask you – how do you get your website to rank so high on Google?
    Big Red SEO:    Uhh..  Excuse me?
    Competition:  I mean, you guys are always ranking high on Google.  I’ve tried to catch up, but I can’t ever outrank you.  What are you doing?
    Big Red SEO:    Seriously?  You want me to tell you how to do SEO?  Aren’t you an SEO company?  Aren’t we competitors?
    Competition:  Well we do SEO for our clients, and we do really well, but our own site doesn’t rank that great.  Do you have any tips?
    Big Red SEO:    Uhh..  Yeah, the number one tip I can give you is to learn SEO and start doing your job!
    Competition:  Our clients love us.  We can close a sale like nobody else, but we cold call our clients rather than them finding us on the web.
    Big Red SEO:    Really?  You don’t even use SEO to get your own clients?  How do you prove to a client that you can do the work if you can’t even rank for your own industry?  Listen buddy, I can’t give you a step by step guide on how to do search engine optimization, it’s different for every client, but please do your clients a favor and close your business so you stop giving legitimate SEO Companies a bad name!

    It went on and on for about ten minutes. I wouldn’t say they were begging us to help them, but if you have to ask the competition how to do your job, just what exactly are the clients getting when they hand over money? We’ve been doing SEO for many years. One of our staff has been doing search engine optimization before SEO was the term to use (early 90’s).  Back then, it was just what you did to get your own website ranked.  Sure, there were Web Designers, but there really wasn’t an SEO company as such.  A lot of things have changed over the years, but this is honestly the first time we’ve ever had a competitor asking how to do their job!  Exactly why would we give them all the details so that they can turn around and take money out of our pocket?

    At Big Red SEO, we only perform SEO for one client in each industry. This sets us apart from most Omaha Search Engine Optimization Companies. This means, if you’re a car mechanic in Omaha looking for organic search engine optimization services, we only work with you in your targeted area.  Granted, if a client in St. Louis asked us to help rank their mechanic shop, we’d help them, as really nobody is going to drive their car 8+ hours to get worked on. We perform SEO work for a web hosting company, but since they have both national and international clients, we obviously can only work with ONE web hosting company as a result.

    From an SEO company perspective, we only work with clients in the United States, but we work with customers all over the US.  To help a competing search engine optimization company would pretty much help our competition.  Now, there area industries that we don’t work with, and we have some SEO Omaha and surrounding city friends in those fields and we’re happy to collaborate with them, but if they don’t already know the general basics of SEO, we can’t teach them.

    If you’re ever approached by an SEO company saying that they can do the work for you, ask for references, and don’t be afraid to call them!  When someone performs search engine optimization on their website, if they do it incorrectly (even a little), it can have damaging effects on the future of the website.  Ask for references, ask for proof of work.  If they tell you they got a number one ranking for “Omaha widget company” and the domain name was – RUN!  By default, a website should already rank pretty well for the words in their domain name.  To make it rank #1 is not an extremely difficult task.

    To the competition that wants to be like us – crack a book, read some articles, spend the next three years perfecting the challenges, and perform SEO successfully on several sites. THEN and only then, should you even think about going into business as an SEO company.  If you run a daycare facility and perform search engine optimization services on the side, you are not an SEO company!  Leave it to the professionals, and refer them to us (we’ll even give you a finders fee)!

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Need help getting more business in the door? Contact an Omaha Search Engine Optimization Company, Big Red SEO, (402) 522-6468. Our mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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