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An SEO Company Tells You How to Grow Office Creativity

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    SEO Company Creativity_Big Red SEOWe all know that content creation is a really important part of the search engine optimization process. You need original, engaging, and valuable content in order to increase your online visibility and reputation, but sometimes creating that content is easier said than done. You may have noticed that it’s easier on certain days than others to get your creative juices flowing, and we’d all like to avoid those days where it seems like every idea is a bad idea and nothing wants to work.

    Building an office environment that allows your employees to get creative is easier said than done. There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there, but in order for your search engine optimization efforts to work, the first step is experimenting with different elements of your office space to spur creativity so you can write the best content.

    Today, our SEO company will tell you a few things about making your office a creative haven, as well as how we can help you on those days where writer’s block rears its ugly head!

    Optimizing Your Brain’s Domain

    A lot’s been written about how creativity works in the brain, but for all that’s been said there are still some big mysteries about what actually happens when we come up with new ideas. What we as an SEO company know is that a creative mind can only do its thing in an optimal environment.

    This optimal environment is a little different for everybody, but according to the latest research there are definitely some common threads between us. These threads go beyond personal preference into how the brain works on a physical level when it comes to the act of thinking.

    Not Too Quiet, Not Too Loud

    Everyone has a different idea of what works for them when it comes to listening to music while they’re working—some people like blasting dubstep through their headphones, and other people think they can only work in total, stony silence, but as it turns out, neither of these extremes is actually optimal for creativity.

    We’ve found that what’s best for our SEO company is a moderate amount of ambient noise. Total silence doesn’t lead to increased creativity; in fact, it can actually be a distraction, and the same goes for loud music. The trick is providing just enough distraction through noise or music to make focusing on the task at hand a little more difficult. This causes you to have to struggle a bit to process thought as you normally would, which leads you to new methods of solving problems.

    Not Too Cold, Not Too Hot

    If you were to take a lesson from Mr. Scrooge, you’d think that when you keep the office cold your employees would be more focused, keeping warm by typing as fast as they can! Not only is this the wrong way to look at optimizing your employees’ efficiency, it’s also really bad for creativity.

    If your office is too cold, it only serves as a distraction to work. As it turns out, trying to keep warm in a cold office requires a lot of brain power, leaving not a lot of extra attention for creative work.

    So what’s the optimal temperature to foster creativity in your workspace? Generally speaking, it’s 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with productivity starting to dip substantially in 4 degrees north or south of that number. Our SEO company has found that the temperature of the room your employees work in should never be a distraction, and that goes for hot environments, too.

    Contact Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468!

    If you find that you’ve gotten your office environment to just the right balance and you’re still having trouble developing content for your business website, don’t worry! Our search engine optimization team is here to help. We’re an SEO company that helps your website climb in the search engine rankings through content creation, user-friendly web design, and link earning. Give Big Red SEO a call today at (402) 522-6468 or fill out our contact form to see how we can help your business get more traffic, leads, and sales online!

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