SEO Consultants Create Guide To Writing Great Content
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An SEO Consultants Ultimate Guide To Writing Content In 2021

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    Are you tired of your blog posts not getting attention? What if you could create one ultimate resource with your WordPress website that would benefit your customers for years to come?

    As SEO Consultants, we have a straightforward but effective strategy to create truly helpful and great content that your audience will love. If you’ve ever started a blog, but haven’t seen good SEO results, your content was too focused on ‘you‘. Sure, it was probably well-written, grammatically correct, and maybe even relevant to your business. But, that’s exactly the problem… blogging isn’t about you, it’s about your potential customers and your current ones.

    Even though we’re SEO Consultants and blogging is one of our SEO services, it’s actually about much more than just search optimization. It’s about making an impression on people and offering real value. That’s why the blog that makes the biggest impact on its readers will have the most success. So, if you want to maintain a successful blog that gets liked, tweeted, or shared any other way, then you need truly excellent content.

    SEO Consultants Share What “Great Content” Is

    Before we dive in and talk about how to create great content, let’s start by establishing what makes content great in the first place. As mentioned in our previous blog article “Managing Your Blog Like an SEO Pro”, there is no secret formula for creating a shareable blog. It’s obvious once you understand what you’re trying to do, which is to establish genuine trust with your readers.

    1. Great content is helpful. It answers questions that the readers are asking about your niche or business. It makes complicated problems easy to follow.
    2. Great content is detailed. It’s accurate. It shows that you know what you’re talking about.
    3. Great content is actionable. It leaves your reader ready to take the next step. It answers their questions in a way that allows them to move forward.
    4. Great content is targeted towards your readers. It’s not about promoting you or your business, it’s about getting on their level and answering their questions. The best content establishes a dialogue in the reader’s mind, leading them smoothly through their toughest problems.

    But that leaves one problem – how do you actually create great content?

    The Mega Primer: A High-Impact Content Strategy

    One of the best ways to create great content that gets shared is to start with an extensive primer for your niche. Sort of like a really extensive FAQ. This will not only provide a valuable reference for future customers but it’ll also get read and shared by your current ones. Your primer should offer immense value.

    For example, this blog article about SEO FAQs offers massive value for businesses evaluating SEO services. As SEO Consultants, we know that many “don’t know what they don’t know, until they know it” which tells us to provide a resource that describes what SEO is, explain why a business selling a product or service needs SEO performed, as well as the need to deliver a timeline on results, etc. It’s essentially about providing value to you, the reader, and the purchaser.

    So, how do you create a mega resource for your blog readers?

    As always, start with research. Identify common questions that your prospects most frequently asked during phone conversations and meetings. Check with your sales or customer service teams, if applicable.

    If you still come up blank, find some popular internet forums for your niche and see what questions people are asking. Just search for “my niche” forums in Google (e.g. “plumbing forums” – with quotes) to see what’s out there.

    When you have a list of questions, create helpful, detailed, and actionable answers to them. Make sure you have answers to all the follow-up questions that come with it, too.

    Finally, organize your questions and answers into a series of blog posts that will form your mega primer. Imagine you’re creating a textbook for your customers and each blog post is one chapter. What’s a logical order to present the information you’ve gathered?

    As an SEO Consultant, we suggest trying to think as if you were a complete newbie for all blog posts. When hiring a new team member, you can ask them to write down all questions they have about the company, industry, and processes. This way you get down-to-earth questions for your FAQ and can easily showcase the benefits of your service to those outside of the industry.

    Quick Tips Before You Start Creating Great Content

    As SEO Consultants that have published hundreds of thousands of words online, we have a fair amount of experience crafting high-impact blog posts. So, let’s finish this one with a few quick tips to help you get more out of this mega primer.

    1. Outline each blog post of your primer before you start writing. This will let you see how everything flows together before you put fingers to keys. Consequently, you’ll find it much easier to create a truly outstanding primer series for your readers.
    2. Remember that your blog is not a direct sales tool. You can mention your business or relevant aspects of it, but don’t make it a primer on you. Notice in our blog posts that we rarely pitch our services, and when we do, it’s always in a friendly and non-forceful way. Just see the end of this post for an example.
    3. Once you’ve finished writing your primer, create a separate page on your website dedicated to the series to assist the end-users who are curious about learning more about this niche subject or services.
    4. If you ever get stuck, just remember who you’re writing for – your customers. They’re not dollar signs, they’re people. How can you help them?

    If creating a mega-primer isn’t how you imagined your blog playing out, that’s fine. The important thing is that you create great content as per the traits outlined earlier in this post. That’s how you attract love from search engines and customers alike.

    As you can see if you look back through our archives, we’ve been maintaining our written blog here at Big Red SEO for a very long time. We have had lots of opportunities to test what works and refine our content marketing strategy. We’re constantly trying new things, all to offer more value to our current and future clients.

    Contact Our SEO Consultants Today at (402) 522-6468!

    If you’d like us to help you ramp up your content marketing strategy – whether with a mega primer as outlined in this article, ongoing blog posts or with simple Omaha SEO Services – please give us a call or fill out our contact us form and tell us more about your business. As SEO Consultants, we’re more than happy to help you come up with a content strategy that will get more shares, more exposure, and more love from your customers.

    Hate long writing? You are in luck! We have a video blog created for all things SEO and WordPress website design for those who love to watch videos versus reading!

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