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How to Deal with the Penguin Update in Your SEO Strategies

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    As with every update in Google’s algorithms, and especially with the recent Google Penguin 2.0 – Biggest SEO Change, several of the local Omaha SEO Companies that practice black hat SEO techniques are re-evaluating their strategies to attempt to maintain previous search engine ranking. At Big Red SEO, we receive phones calls weekly from companies who are losing their top search engine rankings. Sadly, we have to communicate with them that their SEO firm performed the naughty tricks to get them the results they loved so much.

    While Google doesn’t reveal their actual algorithms, they do publish a variety of guidelines that are designed to help website owners and SEO firms have some guidance or suggestions on how to have high rank results. Basically, if you follow the rules and regulations while providing value-add, quality content on your website, you are already ahead of your competition. Below, our team at Big Red SEO discusses a few areas which can help you keep or maintain high search engine rankings with the recent Penguin update.

    The Key Word is VALUE

    The secret lies in providing value to the visitors of your website. Unfortunately, value cannot always be clearly defined, as the perception of value varies widely. When a visitor reaches your site with a search query that relates to your site’s content, that’s a great starting point. You do not want to be known as “that company” that says a lot but nothing at the same time. People should know and understand the services or product you offer when they land on your home page. 

    Also, make sure that the message you are sending is targeted towards your customers and not your boss, which we discuss in another article. As I’ve been an SEO expert for over a decade, sometimes I forget to speak in basic terms and assume everyone knows what I am talking about. 

    Take a step back and remember what it was like when you started in the industry or even better, try and become your ideal customer for a day. If you need additional guidance, our experienced team at Big Red SEO offers content creation services. We’d love to help create content or give you direction on what your customers are looking for.

    How Bad SEO Techniques Prompted the Search Results Change

    Once upon a time, when an someone performed an internet search for ‘vacuum cleaners,’ quite often the site they’d see had nothing to do with vacuum cleaners. This is bad SEO, also known as Black Hat SEOI have experienced this first hand when looking for a specific food plan for working out. I would click on an article that provided tips on how to eat clean to find that a mortgage company placed their catch phrase and link into the blog article. 

    While I may be in the market to buy a house, I experienced frustration as I was searching to find tips to shed those extra pant sizes by a eating a clean food plan.

    Filling junk links like what is listed above led to widespread dissatisfaction with SERPS (search engine results pages). It seems obvious that if someone searches for new automobiles, then they’re looking for websites that contain useful content on new automobiles. The frustration I experienced is what largely prompted Google to launch major algorithm updates named Panda and Penguin. Their goal was to provide surfers with a better search experience by removing websites and links that were not relevant to one another.

    If You Want Your Website to Rank Well

    As mentioned in our article “Quality Content – Does it Matter in SEO?”, content is king! At Big Red SEO, we recommend becoming the industry expert by providing value-add, quality content. Our customers have experienced great ranking results in SERPS as we have provided them with a guideline for posting high quality, relevant content that benefits visitors to their site.

    Remember, quality content can be in the form of text, audio, video or any combination of those three. Look at what your competition is posting online, then use that information to help your website stand out.

    Content is King – The Key is Consistency

    It can be a challenge to consistently create high quality content. Most companies are simply not staffed to execute this strategy properly. They simply do not have the hours in the day to do their main job plus create content. In most cases, business owners or marketing people have no clue where to start a blog or the process of creating content. 

    As mentioned above the majority of employees will write what they think their bosses want to read and not their potential customers. This can cause severe damage regarding company creditably. When this technique is performed readers will more than likely stop reading and not return as the tone of the content is more sales driven than value add driven.

    If you do not have enough time in the day to create relevant, high quality content for your website feel free to fill out our contact form. We perform thorough research and deliver a solid game plan on what we know your customers are reading. In addition, if you have any questions about implementing search engine optimization for your business and you’d like to hear from an expert, please give us a call at (402) 522-6468.

    Looking to learn more about SEO or WordPress website design? Check out the Big Red SEO, LLC YouTube channel

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