SEO Omaha 101: The Real Power of H Tags

SEO Omaha H tags_Big Red SEOHere at Big Red SEO in Omaha, we’re constantly amazed at the company blogs we see that don’t use the proper tools available to them. We know that, for the most part, business owners don’t know much about what makes a blog work for SEO–they just know that they need one and do the best they can on their own to create content for their companies. Of course when this happens we end up seeing blogs that don’t quite cut the proverbial mustard, with giant tiring blocks of text, misaligned images (or no images at all!), and worst of all, no H Tags.

H Tags, also known as heading tags or header tags, are one of the most important tools we have in our search engine optimization utility belt, and if you’re not using them on every page of your business website, you should be. In this article we’ll explain the real power of H Tags to help your SEO efforts. If you’re not using H Tags correctly or at all, our SEO Omaha team can help you set your website straight for better SEO results!

H Tags Form Your Webpage Hierarchy

H Tags are used to differentiate headings from body content on a webpage, making things easier for both users and search engines to parse and read. The most important H Tag is the H1, and you should be using it on every page of your website. As the numeral suggests, the H1 tag is the first tag on the page and is most often reserved for the page’s title. There should only ever be one H1 tag on a page. As for other H Tags you may need to use on a page to create section headings and subheadings, they should be used in order (e.g., not skipping from H1 to H3). Using H tags out of order breaks the heading structure of the page, which confuses search engines and isn’t ideal for on-page SEO.

H Tags are Good for SEO Omaha and Usability

H Tags have a big impact on SEO and the usability of your site, both of which are very important in establishing your company website as an authoritative source of information for visitors. From an SEO standpoint, H Tags (and especially the H1 Tag) are important because:

  • They help establish relevancy and keyword consistency. Googlebot, as well as other search engine crawlers, look at the content of H Tags along with page content to quickly determine what a page is about. H Tags with appropriate keywords make it easy for crawlers to understand your content and cross-reference your pages with user queries.
  • H1 Tags give Googlebot an overall feel for your page. You should never skip a page’s H1 Tag. Search engines pay attention to the language used in H1 Tags and give them more “weight” or “influence,” so these tags should include a basic description of what the page is about.

And from a usability point of view, H Tags are definitely important for user experience. If you’ve ever tried to read a blog article that’s just a big block of text with no section or paragraph breaks, you’ve encountered a blog that doesn’t use H Tags. Besides just breaking text into more manageable chunks, though, H Tags also improve usability by:

  • Making pages scannable. It’s important to cater to as many different kinds of readers as you can, and lots of your site’s visitors will be scanners (that is, those that don’t read every single word of content, but look for sections that interest them). Using H Tags as subheadings allows these readers to quickly find the information they’re looking for.
  • Making pages more accessible. For any visitor to your website using a screen reader, H Tags make your content much easier to navigate. This is just another way that H Tags enrich the experience of every type of user.

It’s also important to note that by making your website’s copy more user-friendly with H Tags, you’re also improving your SEO. Omaha businesses that make use of H Tags on their website pages tend to rank better on search engines, simply because search engines take accessibility and user experience into account with their ranking algorithms.

Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468!

Our team at Big Red SEO hopes that this article gives you a good idea of just how important H Tags are to your SEO strategy. They may be a small part of a much larger whole, but paying attention to the details often gives you the bump you need to sail past your competition. When your business needs help with SEO Omaha, we want you to know that we’re here to help. Give us a call today at (402) 522-6468 to get started with SEO services from one of the few companies in town that offers industry exclusivity!

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