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SEO Omaha: Why It’s Best to Know Your Ideal Client

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    Know Your Ideal Client SEO Omaha_Big Red SEOOne of the first things our team at Big Red SEO asks of our new potential clients is to describe their ideal client, and if you haven’t given this much thought before, you definitely should. Knowing who you want to sell your products and services to is important to any kind of marketing campaign, but that goes double for search engine optimization. Every step of the SEO process, from web design to keyword research, content creation to pay-per-click advertising (PPC), hinges on knowing your ideal customer or client.

    Tip: “Everyone and Anyone” is not an appropriate answer to “Who is your ideal client?”

    Our SEO Omaha team can’t stress highly enough that you have to know who you’re selling to if you want your internet marketing efforts to be successful, and that’s why our research process begins with asking you in-depth questions about the kind of person you want picking up the phone to call you. So before we sit down together to talk out your SEO strategy, this article will help you figure out just who your ideal client is!

    Start by Crafting Personas

    A persona is a demographic or character sketch of your perfect client, and you can start creating personas by looking back on the last few really successful clients you’ve had. Let’s say you run a kitchen cabinet refinishing business. What kind of client makes you the most money?

    In this case, your target demographic would probably be men and women in their 40s, who are at that stage in their lives where they’ve bought a house and spent enough time in it that their cabinets could be looking a bit dated. Another persona you might want to target would be property managers who own many houses or apartments that are all in need of updating.

    Big Red SEO in Omaha Develops Content to Target Personas

    Once you’ve figured out your list of personas, you can start developing content focused around solving these specific people’s problems. It’s important at this point that you’ve done real work to flesh out these personas, because guess what? They’re real people, and you have to be able to get into their minds, to anticipate their problems and offer the solutions they need. And if you do an especially good job of understanding your ideal client, you’ll probably come up with solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had!

    Contact Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468

    Many small business owners are too busy to create this kind of content on their own, and that’s why our team at Big Red SEO Omaha offers content creation services to get your internet marketing off on the right foot. Once we’ve established who you want to target, we create an individualized strategy to make sure that your content ends up in front of the right people, for more traffic and conversions! Give Big Red SEO a call today at (402) 522-6468 to start attracting ideal customers to your business.

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